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Monthly Archives: June 2022

How To Check Python Version? Windows,Linux,Mac

Now, Python a program is available to be used for windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. So, to specifically check its version for a windows-based operating system. Now before it, one confusing thing that everybody faces an issue with is even if you go to python

6 Ways to Fix Snapdrop Not Working

Snapdrop Not Working:Snapdrop is a file-sharing app that allows you to share files between iOS and Android devices. It uses your device’s Wi-Fi connection to create a direct, peer-to-peer connection with another nearby device, eliminating the need for a middleman server. Snapdrop is fast, simple,

Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500 [RESOLVED]

Minecraft Realms Internal server Error; Minecraft has the capability for the players in the making of new servers. Such servers can be created by one person that is joined by the other players for sharing the server address or the key. Other than this, servers

5 Ways To Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Windows 11

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET: Most of the time, the World Wide Web is not only extensive but also has increased in the versatile form. Anyone can do the use of the internet in the present era. The only requirement for it is the internet connection in existing form

How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error

Discord is the most useful tool for gaming cause it gives the allowance for the use of a voice-chat function which is of no cost and it is with no hassle. Such a tool is also popular among the community of gaming as it gives