How To Check Python Version? Windows,Linux,Mac

Now, Python a program is available to be used for windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. So, to specifically check its version for a windows-based operating system.

Now before it, one confusing thing that everybody faces an issue with is even if you go to python downloads, they even have different installers for your operating system, so that way you can select whichever software you want to download it for.

What is Python?

Coming to Python, it is a programming language for various soft wares like Linux, ubuntu, mac, windows, etc., and unlike other programming languages, Python also has various versions to it which are released as an update in progression.

Now python has quite a few versions but there are these two particular versions that are pretty popular in the world of programming languages. The versions are namely known as ‘Python 2.7.x’ and ‘Python 3.7.x’.

where the ‘x’ goes for some random variable that is for the revision level and changes when the new release comes out, which is basically the significance of the change in versions.

How To Check Python Version

Now to check the version, mainly there are three digits which are usually read, namely.

▪︎The major version

▪︎The minor version

▪︎The micro version

Where in these, the major releases are not very reliable but the minor ones are. The popular versions, Python 2.7 and Python 3.7 are two different apps, and a particular software written for a particular version does not work for a different.

One and that is the reason, why is it important to know what version of Python requires what application according to the version you have.

So, for you to know what version of python you are using, you gotta follow specific steps for specific software.

Check Python Version on Linux

Starting off with, Linux software

Though every software has its own pre-installed versions for every program and languages and the applications relevant to those versions, then too to check the version for your python in Linux.

Step 1:

Now for that, you gotta open a terminal window, by pressing ‘Ctrl + Alt + T’ or by pressing ‘Alt + F2’ and then press enter.

Step 2:

After that, you gotta enter a command which goes like python --version.

When you will type this on the terminal window which is actually a text-only window in the graphic user interface. It will show up the version just below the command you enter.

It is a very quick process for Linux, to know the version of its python programming language.

Check Python Version on Windows

Getting to the next one, Windows

To check the python version for windows. Now, windows software does not come with pre-installed python, but any which way if you have installed it and now you gotta check on it.

Step 1:

You gotta open the windows power shell, by going to the ‘start’ menu and then in the search box type Windows PowerShell and click on it.

Step 2:

After you get there, you gotta type the same command to that of Linux, in case of pre-installed python that is python --version and it will show up the version exactly below the command.

Now there is another alternative if you gotta skip commands.

You gotta press the windows key and type python in the search bar. The system will show you results like

' Python 3.7 (32 - bit) 
app '
' Python 2.7 (32 - bit)
app '

So, these are the two ways, you can look up for your python version in windows.

Check Python Version on Mac

Now to the next one, to check the python version for macOS.

Again in here, you gotta open the terminal for which.

Step 1:

You gotta click on the launch pad and in the search bar, type terminal, and then click on terminal and in there again you gotta type the same command, python --version.And the soft wares system itself will show up the version exactly below the command.

In case you don’t wanna use the launchpad, you can use the finder by going to applications in there, then to the folder that says utilities and in there, double-clicking terminal and the again typing the same command and getting to the python version.

So, from the above information, you have a solid idea of how to check the python version of your device or software and why is it important for you to know the python version you are using as you gotta use the same version of apps.

Python in itself is a very powerful programming language and hence requires a pretty good amount of research for it to be used.

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