10 Popular Websites For Free Subtitles Download In 2024

Websites to get free Subtitles Download for free!

Subtitles are very helpful to fully understand a foreign language when it comes to watching web series or foreign movies.

Currently, there are lots of videos and watch series available on search engines you can easily download them for free. But how you can understand their language, well here comes the Subtitles.

What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are text determined from a transcript or screenplay of the dialogue or commentary in films, television programs, or video games. With the help of the subtitles, you can understand any foreign language video or film in the language you better understand such as English.

In this tech nomad, you can easily download subtitles files from the web without having a hassle. However, it’s way too hard to find the best subtitles that fit perfectly with the video or web series you wanted to watch.

But if you know these websites that we mentioned here, you can easily get subtitles downloaded to your PC without spending any money or purchasing any useless subscription plan.

1. Podnapisi

Podnapisi on the first position in our list because it is one of the best websites to download English Subtitles. Every day the website gets updated with new subtitles for new movies, web series, videos, etc.

Most importantly, the user rating for the subtitles is 5 rates. Because of the best quality of subtitles in multiple languages.

download subtitle

You can easily get subtitles downloaded by searching the name of the movie, web series, or category of the movie. The website database contains substiles from new TV series to year-old movies. All you’ve to do is search for the movie or web series and download subtitles for it.

2. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is quite popular among Subtitle Downloaders because the website contains one of the massive databases of Subtitles.

More importantly, the website can be accessed in multiple languages almost 50+ which simply means you can get subtitles downloaded in multiple languages.

how to download subtitles

In terms of searching the subtitle for a particular movie or TV series, the website has an advanced search bar that allows users to filter movie subtitles by year, country, date, season, and different Categories.

Each subtitle download comes with a rating, date, and user comments. So you can get to know if the subtitles are best to download or not.

3. English Subtitles

English Subtitles as per the name you know what this website is all about where you can get subtitles downloaded for more than a thousand foreign movies, tv shows, and web series in the English language.

You certainly get the subtitles downloaded for the which you’re looking over the internet.

subtitles for movies

The website database has a massive amount of TV shows and web series subtitles including those recently launched this month. The interface of the website is quite amazing and simple to use to find any subtitle file. Just like other Subtitles websites, it is best to use.

4. Addic7ed

The Addic7ed is one of the best OpenSubtitles alternative websites because it also supports multiple languages along with a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, you must know the website daily update new subtitles on its RSS Feed and you can easily download subtitles for TV Shows and movies from here. But unlike other subtitles websites, here you’ve to create an account in Addic7ed to download subtitles.

subtitles for game of thrones

More importantly, the website also displays a schedule for the upcoming next TV shows. In terms of support, you can easily go through the website FAQ and support email addresses to ask common questions. Such as how to use Subtitles etc.

5. DIVX Subtitles

The DIVX Subtitles is one of the oldest subtitle downloader websites. Here you can easily download subtitles of any movie or web series of the ’20s with the best quality.

DIVX Subtitles has been available since 2002 which means if you are going to watch any old movie such as Mash then from here you can get its Subtitles for free.

downloading subtitles

Essentially, the website to come popular to download non-English subtitles. You can easily search the subtitles using the keyword, movie name, or web series name.

6. VLC

VLC is a well popular name among Windows and Mac users. The VLC Player is used to play videos on multiple devices.

You can easily add subtitles to the VLC player without having a hassle. Moreover, lots of VLC users don’t know that it also offers subtitles for movies and TV shows.

subtitles definition

Here is the process or steps to follow for downloading subtitles using the VLC player. launched the VLC player into your computer system. Now the movie or video just click View at the top of the VLC player, after that click VLsub and search for that movie’s subtitles and download it.

7. Subscene

Subscene is also one of the oldest subtitles providers the website is live since 2005, Moreover, the interface of the website is quite to use you can easily able to find and download subtitles using the search bar.

The website gets updated on a daily basis with new subtitles within 24 hours.

subtitles for tv show

Most importantly, the website also offers users to submit their subtitles after creating the account on subscene. If you face any issues with the site you can openly post on their community form and get your answer. You can get subtitles downloaded in multiple languages with the search filter option.

8. YIFY Subtitles

The YIFY Subtitles are the best and favorite for movie lovers. Because the website only offers subtitles for movies not for TV shows or web series. So if you’re looking for a subtitle for any movie then my friend this is the website you should check.

movie subtitles

Moreover, the YIFY offers privacy and safety to download subtitles files. From this website, you can easily download subtitles into multiple languages from Afrikaans to Xhosa, etc.

The homepage of the website displays the most popular movies in the slideshow. In case you don’t know which movie you should watch then you can easily pick one of the trending movies from the homepage.

9. TVSubtitles

TVSubtitles.Net is another best subtitle downloader website where you can download subtitles within a few minutes. The interface of the website is quite simple there are two categories for the subtitles, TV Shows and Movies.

subtitle for movies download

Which makes it a lot easier for everyone to download subtitles. In case you’ve any subtitles files that the website doesn’t have, you can easily share your files with others for better.

SubsMax offers to download subtitles in an interesting way because of the interface of the website. The homepage of the website has a large search bar where you can type the name of the movie or TV show and download its subtitles in a single file.

10. Subtitle Seeker

subs download

Just like the name of the website Subtitle Seeker is an interesting website for subtitle downloader Because the website does not has its own subtitles download database. Instead of that, Subtitle Seeker has redirected you to almost 20 website that offers subtitles.

Which makes it one of the best places to look for the subtitles. Because it has a web network of subtitles websites. You can easily download any movie or TV show subtitle from this website.

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