12 War Card Games for Android and iPhone 2021

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In this article, we will explain to you what a war card game is? Rules of the war card game. Variation of the war card game. Then we will tell you about the 15 best war card game apps which are available for android and iPhone.

War Card Game

This game is played with the normal deck of cards like other cards. But it has its own rules. This is a two-player card game in which cards are equally divided between each player. The winner of the game decided by the player who has all the cards at the end. This game is entirely based on luck.

War Card Games Rules

  • Each player will get equal numbers of card the game will start with showing cards by each player.
  • The player who has the highest card takes both the cards and keeps them in his stack.
  • In this game, only the ranking of card is important not the suits. Ace is the highest and so on.
  • If both players get the same rank card on the table. Then war(battle) starts.
  • In war each player has to put three cards alternatively face down. Then the fourth card will face up. Whoever has the high card in the fourth turn gets all the cards.
  • If the fourth card also turns out to be the same then again war starts.
  • You can also decide the number of face-down cards for war like- (3, 5, 10)

Variation of War Card Game

These are some of the variation of the war card games that you find on online platform using the internet.

# Casino War

Its same as normal but played with the money. There are multiple online casino who has war card game on their gaming list.

# Prison Wars 

It is played with more than two players. If a person wins the war he gets to choose one card and as a prisoner and keep it face down. You can also choose it from your card but you have to keep it face up. Then you can use this prison card in a later battle at any point. If that card rank is high, you win that war. If it is of lower rank, then you lose and the game continues as it is.

# Bettelmann (beggar man)

This variant is played with 32 cards and each player gets 16 cards. But each player has to select one particular suit either black or red and the rest of the rules are the same.

List of War Card Games For Android & iOS

Now I am going to tell you about the 12 different war card game apps for android and iPhone. Read till the end to get full information.

1. War – Card game (by leaflock)

It is available on android. It has over 100k downloads with a 3.2-star rating. The app size is 20MB. You will get to see an ad at the bottom during games but it will not bother you. There are two modes in-game, one you can play against android and the human. Each player gets 18 cards. Cards ranking are highest to lowest.

2. War Card Game (by New Ave Inc.)

It is available on android. It has over 1k downloads with a 4.4-star rating. The app size is 12MB. You will get to see ads but you can enjoy the game. You can play against the computer and a friend. Cards ranking are highest to lowest you can choose a number of face-down card to war between (3, 5, 10 and 25).

3. War – The Card Game

It is available on android. It has over 10k downloads with a 3.1-star rating. The app size is 34MB. There will be ads every time you start a game. It has some cool visuals and different card sets. There are multiple game modes like Classic War It’s a normal war game.

3 wars– In this the player who wins the 3 wars first wins the game. Strategy war– In this variation each player gets to choose five random cards from their own choice in which order to play them in.

Reserve war– In this variation everyone can choose up to 3 cards in reserve for later war but reserving a card costs you to lose the next card to your opponent. You can play with both the computer and online.

4. Casino War

It is available on android the app has over 1k downloads with a 3.4-star rating. The app size is 11MB. In this app, you get chips to bet on that’s interesting right. You get unlimited chips to play. You don’t have to purchase anything.

5. PvC: War Card Game

It is available on android moreover it has over 1k downloads with a 3.5-star rating. The app size is 11MB. It is also a casino war card game in which you get chips. It has some fancy animation but not so cool user interface.

6. Mobile War Card Game

The app size is 17MB. It is available on android but I will not recommend this app. It does not have a good interface and not optimized well.

7. War Card War 

It is available on android it has over 10k downloads with a 3.3-star rating. The app size is 23MB. It is not a casino war game. In this, you can choose the number of cards in between 1-15 for war. But it has the option of seeing your cards or opponents card. It makes the less interesting. You cannot play online on this app.

8. War Card Game for two-player

It is available for both iPhone and iPad it  has a 4-star rating. The game size is 16.3MB. It is a normal war game. You can play with computer and friend. You can also include two jokers to the deck.

9. War Free

It is available for both iPhone and iPad. It has a 4-star rating. The game size is 41MB. It has some amazing graphics and animations which feels very nice. It has exciting sound effects and great user interface. It has a normal variation of war game. You can play with computer and human.

10. War Card Game Online

This one is a website where you can play the war card game online. It has a simple user interface but you can play with the computer and with different opponents.

11. Card War

I will not recommend you to install this game. It has a size of 7MB but a very bad experience. Everything is so boring and unattractive. However, it has over 1k downloads with a rating of 3.5-star.

12. Cards Battle– The classic war card game

It is available on android. It has over 10k downloads with a 3-star rating. The size is very small only 4.5MB so you can go for it because it has nice-looking boards and cards which gives the feel of the play. The game time is around 3 minutes after that whoever has the most number of cards wins the game. It has single-player and multiplayer modes.

Final Words

I hope you guys liked the article. You don’t have to try all apps mentioned in this article just choose the right one according to your need, taste, and storage on your device. So keep supporting us. If you have any kind of confusion related to technology and playing games please feel free to share with us. We will write a blog on it.

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