How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Karaoke Machine

How Can I Use My iPhone As A Karaoke Machine

If you’re thinking to turn your iPhone into a karaoke machine using Soulo Karaoke App. We all want to become a singing sensation with the help of your iPhone in this we going to help you out. You can easily switch your iPhone into Karaoke without having a hassle.

We going to assume you having a Karaoke system for 10 years it can be an all-in-one system similar to a hearing record or a company build system consisting of the mixture and audio amplifier along with a pair of speakers. No matter if you’re using the laptop, tablet or iPhone the connection will be the same.

Step 1:

you’re going to connect the headphone out to whichever audio device into an audio input jack on your karaoke system.

Step 2:

Technically, depending on your karaoke system you’re using the connection type required will either be an 18-inch stereo jack or 18-inch to our CA cable. If your karaoke system has an 18-inch stereo jack then you’re going to required an 18-inch stereo cable. This will connect the headphone output from your iPhone and pug-in into an 18-inch stereo jack into your karaoke system.

Step 3:

However, if your karaoke system only has RCA input then you’re going to need 18-inch stereo cable this will connect the headphone output on your iPhone and pug-in both red and white stereo cable into your karaoke system.

Step 4:

Now you’ve audio connection you going to get the video the solution depends on the device you’re using such as iPhone. If you’re using iPhone you’ve to use its screen as a display or if your iPhone supports a directive video output cable on the USB jack from the phone and directs into Smart TV or monitor.

Step 5:

After completing the connection between the karaoke system and iPhone you’re ready to search online for Karaoke track using google or karaoke app and enjoy the party.

Wrapping Up!

I hope this article helps you out to connect your iPhone to the karaoke system without having a hassle. If you any question or issues regarding this article feel free to ask us using the comment box.