How to Unlock iPhone 6 Plus Without Hassle

There are different types of situations for unlocking the iPhone 6 Plus device. It includes the resetting of the password with the protection of the device to which the users can’t have access as well as the unlocking of the device.

How To Unlock iPhone 6 Plus

In order to unlock the iPhone 6 Plus you need to reset the password of your iPhone. Here we have explained how you can do that without having a hassle.

Password Resetting with the use of iTunes

Step 1

Begin with attaching the iOS device cable to the computer. The end side of the cable USB will go in the port of rectangular type on one side of the computer and the other end of the small one will fit in the port of charging on the device.

Step 2

Now open the iTunes app on the computer if there is no automatic opening of it there. It all depends on the type of model you have on the computer. Users have to give confirmation that they have to open iTunes after attaching the iPhone.

Step 3

Wait for a while for letting the device to sync the iTunes. On the upward side, the given bar of the iTunes Window will say Syncing the iPhone 6 Plus. After the completion of the connecting, the resetting process can begin by the users.

Step 4

Now, click on the icon of Device. It appears under the Account option.

Step 5

After that, click on the Back UP Now option. It is located under the section of Backups. It will ensure the users about the up to date of the data whenever they will restore it from the point of backup.

Step 6

Do the clicking on the Restore Device option. It is available at the upward side of the page of iTunes. The Device word will be there as replaced by the iPhone device.

Step 7

Now click on the Restore and Update option. It will do the confirmation of the decision taken by the user. Read the whole info on the screen before the continuation of the best understanding of the restoration of the device.

Step 8

After that, click on the Next button.

Step 9

Do the clicking on the Agree option. It will enable the process of restoration. By clicking on the Agree will ensure that Apple will not be held responsible for the loss of any kind of data in the system error or any type.

Step 10

Wait for a while for letting the reset to get the finish.

Step 11

Do the selection for the point of restoration. This option is available in the section of Restore from this backup. Users can perform this by clicking on the bar with the device of the iOS name given on it. The location as well as the date of the selected form of backup will display under the bar.

Select the recent type for good results. Users have to click the circle which is next to the option of Restore from this Backup for the enabling of it from the option of default.

Step 12

Now click on the Continue option for doing the restoration there. The iTunes in your device will do the restoring of it. It will take around the time of 15 to about 30 minutes and will totally depend on how the data is on the device of iOS.

Step 13

Wait for a while to let the device of iOS reboot itself. After the completion of the process of restoration, it will show the Hello text on the screen there.

Step 14

Now do the pressing of the Home button. As per the backup, the passcode will be removed there. By pressing the home button it will do the unlocking of the iPhone. Users can also add the new password to the iPhone from the option of Touch ID & Passcode of the Settings on your iPhone.

Step 15

Type there the password of your Apple ID. It will do the restoring of the iPhone along with its data of it. A little more time is needed there to let the updating done and then it will resume the status of the pre-ease.

This is the end of this short guide, Hopefully, you find this article helpful to know how you can unlock your iPhone 6 without having a hassle. For more similar articles read our iPhone Guides such as removing a sim card in iPhone 6 or how to take screenshots in iPhone 6 and many more.