How to Screenshot on iPhone 6 – In Two Seconds

If you’re looking for how to screenshot on iPhone 6 in a quick way. Then you know if you’re watching something on your iPhone and you find it useful for your purpose and want a screenshot of it. But most often the main thing arises how to take it. Well in iPhone it may be a bit difficult for them to have. It requires various steps and measures for it to save that picture as a screenshot on your phone. It can take by the use of the home along with the buttons of lock as you may have to use the assistive form, but instead, if you are finding difficulty in it, you can also go with another type of option for it.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 6

Here are the given steps for it to be followed along with procedures for the taking of screenshot in iPhone 6.

Method 1:  Capture Screenshot on iPhone Using Manual Buttons

Step 1:

Firstly, select the image or webpage or the thing of which you want a copy. At the time of screenshot taking of it, all of the things the screen will show will be captured there. Now select the home button along with the button of lock equally. A sound of click can be heard by this when you press both the button equally if the sound button is on in your phone.

Step 2:

Now in your iPhone 6’s, go to the gallery and select the photos option there. After that open, the albums showed at the downward side of the screen and you will find that your screenshot is visible there. If there is an iCloud library, then all the photos will be shown in the camera roll option.

Method 2: Capture Screenshot on iPhone 6 Using Settings

Step 1:

Open the settings in your iPhone which is shown on the home screen. Select the general option there which is shown at the downward side of the page. If the screen is large, then you have to scroll down to find the required option. Click on the accessibility option at the downward side and then select the assistive touch option shown there. It is shown at the interaction site of the given head.

Step 2:

Select the on the option in the required assistive touch button which is shown at the top of the page. When you will turn it to the right side, then it turns to a green colour. Now find the required image or webpage of which you want a copy. It can be of any type like photos, email and many more or anything online you find.

Step 3:

A grey coloured option will be visible there to you. By clicking on it you will find many other options visible along with it. After that select the device option which is shown at the rightward side of the given screen of the window of assistive.

Step 4:

Now click on the more option. It was shown at the downside of the window. After that click on the screenshot option. It was given on the right side of the box. It will save your screenshot, and you can easily see it in your photos in the gallery.