How to Configure Visual Boy Advance Controls

Searching for how to configure visual boy advance controls?  Let’s discuss it on this page.

Visual Boy Advance is the popular emulators that are available worldwide. The required development of VBA came in the year 2004 and the latest version which is the VB -M came in 2009. It is best in design for the Windows. Users can configure together in both the windows and the Mac devices.

How to Configure Visual Boy Advance Controls

Here is the procedure for configuring of VBA emulator:-

Procedure 1

Configuration of VBA controls

Step 1

Firstly, open the VBA emulator. It is available as the icon of the emulator on your desktop. It is the program that is saved in a different location.

Step 2

As when you will find that the emulator is now open click on the Options button located at the upward side of the window.

Step 3

Now in the given menu, take the cursor to the Joypad there and then move it to the Default Joypad.

Step 4

After that, click on the 1 player for the playing of single types of games. If the users want to have the emulation of the link of the game of the given cable and want to become the extra player, then click on the 2 player, 3, or the 4 players.

Step 5

Move the cursor to the side of Configure.  As the Default Joypad is inset to the port of 1, then click on the 1 player which is under the configure. A window of configuration will occur on the screen. The control of the first side will show up, which means that it is all set for the Up Arrow on the given keyboard.

Step 6

If the users want to set the motion on Upside, then it needs to be on the W in the keyboard. Click on the Up of the given text box and then press the W there.

Step 7

Now users can also click the Down as the given text box and then do the changing of the control from the given Down Arrow to the S.

Step 8

After that, click on the Left of the given text box and then change there the control from the given Left Arrow to the A. 

Step 9

Then, go to the forward side and click in the given Right of the text box and do that changing of the control from the Right Arrow to the D.

Step 10

Users can also get the setting of the Button A to the side of Left Arrow.

Step 11

Now to the side of Button B, it can be set as the type of Down Arrow.

Step 12

The Button L will set the type to the Q.

Step 13

The Button R can be set to the type of Up Arrow.

Step 14

Users can also leave the Select as the Backspace and the Start as the Enter. It also includes the control for the Speed.  It toggles speed to the forward form. If the users are playing a game that includes a lot of text for the scrolling of it, then they can press the button of any type for the speeding up of the scroll. As the current form is set to the type of Space.

Step 15

The option of the next form is visible as the key is for the Capture of it. The control of it is in the current form of the set to the F12. If the users will press the F12 key or any in the form of the key at the time of the game. Users can save it in the form of a screenshot which will be there saved as the directory in default form of the given emulator.

Step 16

Now set the given controls as per the preference and then click on the OK at the downward side of the given window.

Things to be Noted

Before performing these steps it is necessary to do the setting up of the VisualBoy Advance in your device. Along with it, the necessary thing is to know how to use it.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers about how they can configure the controls of the VBA emulator. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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