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What is UCMJ Articels & Things You Know About Them

UCMJ Introduction  UCMJ stands for the Uniform Code of Military Justice, is the main component of the law of military. It is the federal law that is accessed and managed by congress. It includes articles of articles 86, 104, 112, 133 and 134-11 which consults

How To Use Coronavirus Tracking App Aarogya Setu

Coronavirus, there is not a single soul who has not heard about it. This is why the Government of India has launched the app Aarogya Setu the coronavirus tracking app. This article will show you how to use the Arogya Setu App and how it

How Hackers Are Using Coronovrius For Scam

Countries are in lockdown mode. Everybody is practicing social distancing and quarantining themselves. Basically the world is quite vulnerable right now and the cybercriminals and hackers are taking the most possible advantage of this situation to make money. The threat is so much that Interpol

10 Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Programs For Non Nurses

There are a few nurse practitioner programs in the U.S. We have listed some of the most affordable online np programs for nurses and non-nurses. The list has online family nurse practitioner programs and some other related online nurse programs. So, uptight to know some