The Importance of Embedding Media Content Within Your Website

Why do some websites always seem to rise to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) while others are relegated to digital anonymity? While SEO is obviously important, another crucial metric involves the presence of media content such as flash images and videos. If you wish to gain the exposure that your portal deserves, it pays to take a closer look at some professional tips. How can you design a site that supports this type of content even if you have little technical experience You will be happy to learn that a number of utilities are available.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Although do-it-yourself platforms such as WordPress as still quite popular, other systems have begun to gain ground, thanks in no small part to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, the website builder offered by IONOS employs built-in AI algorithms that can dramatically streamline the design process. From drag-and-drop templates to effortless editing utilities, creating a professional website from scratch has never been more straightforward.

The Finer Points

One common mistake involves failing to address an international audience base. For instance, content that is only available in English is hardly useful who speak a foreign language. This is particularly relevant when referring to branded material such as product descriptions and tutorials. The good news is that there are plenty of free software packages that can embed subtitles within existing content. It will therefore be possible to resonate with a much larger target demographic.

A Touch of HTML

This is a slightly technical topic, and yet, it needs to be mentioned. The presence of HTML tags will allow search engine crawlers (such as those employed by Google) to understand the content found within your site. Think of these tags as handy labels used to identify elements such as media files and images. Without the use of HTML, your rankings will inevitably suffer. There are plenty of handy HTML guides in the event that you require a bit of extra assistance. Furthermore, third-party firms (such as IONOS) offer a means to quickly embed HTML with the click of a button.

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The Importance of Embedding Media Content Within Your Website

Keeping it Fresh

Many articles associated with digital marketing stress the importance of evergreen content (material that stands the test of time). While this is true, it is equally logical to create new material on a regular basis. This is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, and to keep visitors interested in what it is that you happen to be offering.

Most experts agree that streaming material such as videos should be updated on a weekly basis, although this will partially depend on your in-house capabilities. Still, the primary takeaway point is that a proactive approach will lead to quantifiable results over time.

One Step at a Time

It can sometimes be difficult to wrap one’s head around the intricacies of embedded media content. However, this is also an excellent way to enhance the appeal of your portal, and to keep visitors interested. Engagement ultimately results in a more robust return-on-investment.