How To Open Android Device Chooser In Eclipse

Eclipse Android Development Kit is the software that allows developers to build Android operating system running applications easily. According to my experience if you’re a beginner in Android development the world then must start with the Eclipse development kit because in it you can easily develop apps compared to the Android development kit.

In Eclipse, you can build apps with Java programming language and some other tools which help you to develop the Android app. Sometimes it is hard to locate some tools in Eclipse such as Android device chooser.

In this article, I will tell you how you can easily access to the Android device chooser in Android Eclipse development software.

Open Android Device Chooser In Eclipse

Follow the step-by-step guide to open the Android chooser in eclipses.

Step 1 : 

First of all open “Project Properties”.

 Step 2 :

Now open “Run/Debug configurations”.

Step 3 :

Click on the Target tab, and select “Always Prompt to pick device”.

You can also open Android Device Chooser with a keyboard shortcut key (Ctrl + F11) to read more important keyword shortcut keys.

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