How To Fix If Your Mac Won’t Shutdown

Sometimes, Apple Mac devices such as Macbook Pro won’t shut down when we want to shut down. According to lots of MacBook users when they try to shut down their Mac device it ends up with a black screen and won’t shut down.

This problem is due to lots of things, first of all, I tell you what caused the MacBook Pro to not shut down. Mainly sometimes any app freezes and when you shut down your Mac device won’t shut down.

To fix this issue you have to reinstall that app and then try to shut down your MacBook Pro. In simple words stop all apps running on your Mac device before shutting down it.

Fixes for Macbook Won’t Shutdown

There are some other fixes that stop your Macbook from shutting down. Follow the given below steps to fix this issue.

  • Shutdown all apps before shutting down Macbook Pro,
  • Shut down Bluetooth, airport, and some other programs.
  • Repaired hard disc and permissions by disc utility or SL installer disc.
  • Reinstalled SL and installed combo 10.6.8

Only you have to do to shut down your Mac device is to shut down all programs, and apps and clean all trash files with the help of Kaspersky or  Disk Drill. To know more information about this issue visit this official page of Apple Community

This is the end of what you need to do if your Macbook won’t shut down for more similar guides do check our Macbook guides section.