How To Unsend Mail in Gmail After it Has Been Sent

Google Mail is one of the best mailing services owned by the Google web giant although there is another email service such as Yahoo Mail which also competes with Google Mail.

But in Google Mail, there are some features that allow its users to do amazing things with mail features such as Undo Mail. This feature allows you to recall any mail you send to your friend, family member or to the office.

Google allows its users to undo recent mail after it has been sent, by the undoing feature you recall any mail and re-edit again if you miss something in it.

Recall or Undo Mail-In Google Mail

Follow the step-by-step guide to undo mail in Gmail without any difficulties.

Step 1:

Login into your Gmail Account.

Step 2:

Open Settings via the Gear icon.

Step 3:

In the General, Tab, Scroll down to Enable the Undo feature and set the mail cancellation time period.

Step 4:

Save settings, now when you send any mail after 30 seconds you can undo it.

All the above gives steps that helped you to enable mail in Google Mail within 30 seconds when mail was sent. To know more information about the Undo feature in Gmail read this official supporting page of Google.