How to Install NetBeans IDE in Ubuntu

NetBeans is the most popular integrated development environment or IDE among developers. Therefore, I am here to show you how to install NetBeans IDE in Ubuntu. NetBeans is also available for windows and Mac OS, so it is a cross-platform app. That means you can continue working on a project from anywhere and any OS.

Today our focus is on installing NetBeans IDE in Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution with most users among others. Moreover, you might be using it right now and wanting to install NetBeans IDE. Therefore, I am here to show you how to install NetBeans IDE IN Ubuntu. Installing NetBeans in Ubuntu is not a difficult task. Few commands in terminal and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can install NetBeans in Ubuntu through GUI.

Few words About Net NetBeans

NetBeans program started at Charles University in 1997 at mathematics faculty. Then Roman Staněk released it in the market. Not long after that, Sun Microsystems bought it in 1999 and made it open source. They released the Open-source version of NetBeans in July 1997. After that, the NetBeans community is growing rapidly. Sun microsystem then bought by Oracle Corporation. They sold NetBeans to Apache Software Foundation in 2016.

The first major release of NetBeans was NetBeans IDE 6.0. This was a major step toward the success of NetBeans. The latest version of NetBeans at the time of this post published is NetBeans 11. It comes with every single feature a developer would want from an IDE. Its minimalistic design looks simple yet it is a powerful IDE.

Features of NetBeans IDE

  • Support for all major programming language

NetBeans IDE comes with support for all Java applications. That includes java Se, Java FX, Java ME, web, EJB, and all others. The best thing about is that it is out the box support and you do not need to download it later. Moreover, you can also code in PHP, HTML5, CSS and every major programing language you can think of.

  • Smart UI

NetBeans UI is simply beautiful yet feature-rich. It semantically highlights source code so you can easily refactor code. It also comes with a ton of tools to help you in every way possible.

  • Large Community support

When it comes to community support, there is no match for NetBeans IDE. An active community is the backbone of a software. Also, NetBeans does not have to worry about this department.

  • More features


A batch code analyzer

Smart debugger

Code converter support and many more features.

All these awesome features come free. Yes, it is open-source software and you do not need to spend money on it. So go ahead and try it.

How to install NetBeans IDE in Ubuntu

Installing NetBeans is not rocket science. It is easy as it gets. However, if you are having trouble installing it then you are in the right place. Besides, I will explain the systematic method to install and set-up NetBeans in Ubuntu.

Install NetBeans in Ubuntu

Follow this method gradually to install NetBeans in Ubuntu

  • First, you will need to install Java JDK. To install Java JDK use following commands in terminal

sudo add-apt-repository PPA:linuxuprising/java


sudo apt update


sudo apt install oracle-java11-set-default

  • Now download the libraries of NetBeans using following commands

sudo apt -y install wget unzip


  • Now you will need to unzip the downloaded file and move the NetBeans folder to /opt folder


sudo mv netbeans/ /opt/

  • To launch the NetBeans without specifying the path, we need to edit its path to the parent directory. To do that, you will need to edit the ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file.

nano ~/.bashrc

  • Add this line at the end of the file

export PATH=”$PATH:/opt/netbeans/bin/”


source ~/.bashrc

Now you have installed NetBeans in your Ubuntu machine. To run it use just type netbeans in the terminal and hit enter.

This method is a bit complicated there is another method, which is described below.

Install NetBeans in Ubuntu using snap

You can also install NetBeans using Snap. This is an easier and faster method for beginners. Snap comes pre-installed with the latest versions of Ubuntu. However, if you don’t have it then you can install it using the following method.

  • Install snap store using the following command

sudo apt update


sudo apt install snapd

Now it is time to install NetBeans.

  • Type following command in terminal

sudo snap install netbeans –classic

And that’s it. NetBeans is installed and ready to use.

Wrapping UP!!

NetBeans is a great IDE to install and use. It is one of the best in the market. Similarly, Ubuntu is a great Linux distribution and is widely used. So, if you want to install NetBeans in Ubuntu then this article has got you covered.