Run windows apps and games in Ubuntu Linux

How To Run Windows Software in Ubuntu Linux

Windows have more support for apps and games when compared to Ubuntu Linux or any other Linux distro. So if you are a Ubuntu user then here is how you can use Windows software in Ubuntu Linux.

5 Must Have Apps for Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is an awesome Operating system. Therefore, for an awesome OS, you will need apps to commend it. That’s why I am here to show you 5 best apps for Ubuntu Linux. Apps are abundant for Ubuntu. However, it is difficult to choose apps that you will need on a daily bases. In this article, I will be showing you the best apps for different usage. Therefore, here is the list of 5 best apps for Ubuntu Linux that you might need.

How To kill Process in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is a highly optimized OS. However, there are some occasions when a process eats a big chunk of resources. These processes eat up PC resources and make it slow. Therefore, I am here to show how you can kill a process in Ubuntu Linux. These methods will be easy to use. If you are a beginner then you will find these methods easy. So lets us get started.

How to Get Started with Linux: A Beginners Guide

Linux, a powerful and highly customizable Operating system. Everyone has heard about this OS. Some also want to try it out. However, you might find out Linux a hard to use OS. This is why I am here to show you a beginners guide on how to get started with Linux. If you are also one of them and are afraid to use it. Then you are in the right place. I will guide you through the Obstacle you might face while installing and using it. So let’s get started.

What makes Ubuntu MATE different from Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu MATE has become more popular now a day. It is a great alternative to Ubuntu. It has everything you…