How To Unblock Someone on Kijiji

If you want or need to block any person on Kijiji you can easily do that. Recently one of my KeepTheTech readers asked how can I block someone on Kijiji. This article contains all information regarding blocking any person on the Kijiji website.

What is Kijiji?

As you already know what is Kijiji, but there is some reader who doesn’t anything about it. So basically the Kijiji is a Canada based buy and sell platform where you can purchase and sell products and services to another person in a friendly way.

How To Block Someone on Kijiji

Until now Kijiji has not listed a feature for blocking any of Kijiji. So basically there is not any official way to block someone of Kijiji. However, there are some alternative ways from which you can easily block any person you want on Kijiji.

The way is to change your cell phone number, block the cell phone number of the person from your cell phone, Block his or her emails. The problem has been solved and ignores all correspondence.

Kijiji Customer Service Phone Number

Just dial this number and ask the customer representative for reloving your issue regarding the person who you want to block.

  • Kijiji Contact Number: 416-316-3333
  • Kijiji Contact Form



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