How to Clean Tv Screen Carefully

For having a perfect view of the shows, the cleanliness of television is a necessary need. Due to the dust issues, the fingerprints get stuck there, and it becomes dusty in appearance.

For that, a better cleaning method is required and which will give a new look to the television screen.

Due to this, the recommendation is there for using the best and most effective methods to use for cleaning the screen and using the perfect products for it. It will give you the best view of the screen to watch and clear out all of the accessories that are with it.

It never matters which screen you are having at your home. The requirement of cloth of microfiber is made for cleaning as well as removing the dust that appears on the eyeglasses, lenses of a camera, and mobile phones.

Do the selection of cloth which has better qualities and gives a perfect clean to the television screen. The one which fits the screen size will be the great one.

clean tv screen

Cleaning OLED TVs, LED, and LCDs

When it comes to the discussion of TVs, then the big screen ones are usually an update to the present era. These big screens attract dust easily and capture the blurriness of it.

As we all know, the screen LCD is much more delicate. These TVs as well as the screens of rear projection and Plasma ones are not able to handle the cleaning of the wet type.

The dusting of them can be only possible with the microfiber soft cloth which is in clean and dry form. By going through the buttons and backside of the TV we can clean the dust that is visible in the vents.

The TV cabinet should also be wiped off. If the TV is placed on a stand and is not attached to the wall, then it is a suggestion to clean it with a single hand while preventing it from getting damaged.

If you find that the stains are hard to remove, then dip the cloth in water and start cleaning the screen gently. Make sure that you don’t spray water directly to the screen as it can give you a shock or failure to the screen response and can damage its workings of it.

The screens get scratched easily. The tissues or paper towels can also damage the screen. If the stains are much deep, then you can go for using the fish soap dipped in water and can apply it to the screen with a cloth.

The Plasma Screen has materials made of glass. They include coatings if anti-glare that get damaged by the cleaning products of traditional ones.

The dry method that we used for the cleaning of OLED TVs, LED, and LCDs can be used the same as for the plasma screen.

Cleaning the Tube Televisions

The cleaning of the glass tube televisions is a bit easier and is the same as cleaning mirrors or other glass materials at home.

Just you have to perform the wiping of the screen with the cloth of microfiber that is dipped into a little amount of water. You can also select the required cleaning spray in place of water.

clean tube tv

At the time of cleaning, make sure that your fingers don’t stick there as it can leave the prints after cleaning. Make sure that you don’t directly spray the screen and wipe it off. If you will do this, then it can damage the whole TV set and also the other items.

Cleaning the Remote Controls

The first thing which you have to perform here is to remove the batteries from the remote control and then again cover the compartment of it.

Smoothly take the remote and then wipe it slowly with the cloth. You can take a moisturized wipe for it. Make sure that your fingers don’t get stuck in the remote control as it can dust the whole remote. Clean both sides of the remote.

Take a proper check to the buttons and the spaces that is around them. Do the use of a fingernail or a toothpick for wiping off the dust on the buttons.

Let the remote control get dry and then put the batteries in it. Wipe the whole remote with a cloth of soft one and check that it is not much wet.

Cleaning the TV Speakers

If you have the covers of speakers that can be easily removed, then take them off them. Read the manual speakers if you don’t know of them.

Take them out and by the use of a cloth wipe out the dust present there. If you find that the covers are not coming out, then do use a liquid cleaner for better cleaning.

As for the speaker’s covers of the screen, you can either take them out or can clean them by the use of a microfiber cloth and wait till it gets dry.

TV Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness has always been a priority when it comes to home. Therefore, cleaning the television screen is also necessary for it. Here we have some of the tips for keeping it clean:-

As if the TV screen cleaning is not done on weekly days, then the junk can get collected there and it will become tough in removing them. Therefore perform cleaning of it every week by a microfiber cloth and a liquid cleaner.

Make sure that you don’t spray anything on the television screen directly and not also on the glass tube of it. The more spray you will do, the more damage it can make to the set.

Do the use of a dusting brush for removing the dust that gets stored in the cable connections, ports, or invents.

Always keep in mind to follow the instructions of the manufacturer if any if the warranty is given to you. Read it properly if available.

Don’t use products that include alcohol, ammonia, or any other harmful chemical which can destroy the screen of the television.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to clean a TV screen with complete information.

What is the best way to clean a flat screen TV?

In order to clean your Flat TV, you need to follow these steps.

1. Turn off and disconnect your television.
2. Wipe the screen clean with a soft, dry microfiber cloth in a circular motion to remove any dust and debris.
3. Moisten your cloth with distilled water to remove stubborn spots.
4. If that doesn’t work, try a mild dish soap and distilled water solution.

What is the safest thing to clean a flat screen TV with?

Using a soft cloth, put a single drop of dish soap to one-fourth cup of water. Using the soapy towel, wipe the mess away. Then, dampen a second towel lightly in water to remove any soapy residue. Finally, use a third soft, lint-free cloth to dry the screen.

How do you clean a flat screen TV without ruining it?

Using a 50-50 water and vinegar solution, dampen a microfiber cloth. Wring the cloth tightly to prevent liquid from dripping off it, then wipe away smudges and fingerprints gently.

Can you use screen wipes on TVS?

Using a 50-50 water and vinegar solution, dampen a microfiber cloth. Wring the cloth tightly to prevent liquid from dripping off it, then wipe away smudges and fingerprints gently.

Summing Up

Here we get to know how you can clean up the television screen in an easy way. Just a few things are there that you need to focus on. Correctly performing this will give you the screen a new look at it.

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