Activ5 Fitness Device for Fitness Exercises

This Activ5 fitness device specially made for fitness lovers is the best one designed basically for exercise purposes. It is enabled for Bluetooth connection and is the perfect training device for both men as well as women.

It does the measurement of precision, strength, and other metrics. With the use of this device, no gym is required by the users.

What is Activ5?

It comes in the single device color of orange and brown and is in the shape of a teardrop. At the bottom edge side, the buttons are available along with a LED light.

None other controls are there in it. We can easily hold it in the hands and can do the adjusting of it by performing the exercises. It is very lightweight with the perfect shape by which we can easily press it.

By doing exercise won’t Activ5 we can practice all the stretch exercises. The package of it includes an attractive mobile phone holder. By attaching it to the mobile phone, you can get the display of various exercises at the time of the workout.

It is specially designed for use in charging free form. The AAA battery is included there which can last till the year.

How You Can Setup of Activ5 Device

The first step which you need to perform after opening your Activ5 device is to download the app from the Google Play or App Store. Another thing is to turn on the device. Take a proper check that the Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile phone and is ready for pairing.

As the LED light on Activ5 starts blinking in green color, it is ready to access then. Now you just have to follow the on-screen instructions for completion of the setup of the device.


The setup for Activ5 was easier and quicker. It pairs in an automatic form with the Android device. It used the game method setup which includes pressing the device for completion of the assignments of alignment and strength.

Sensors of the Activ5 measures the strength of arm muscles in a very great way. The assessments are for keeping the pressure on the device which can be easily seen on the device display.

The whole process of setup requires less than a few minutes. The results are available correctly on the screen.

activ5 app

How To Exercise With Activ5

The Activ5 is based on exercising in isometric form. Each of the exercises is there for strengthening the muscles. It is necessary to out our all efforts into setting up the game. It will establish the maximum power as the form of baseline.

The training app of Activ5 does the creation of own coaching for each of the exercises. By following every direction shown on the screen we can easily perform the exercise.

The device measures the force applied in pounds and performs the tracking of the performance. This app includes more than 100 games for progressing the exercise training.

The app tells us what we actually need to perform and also shows us various photos of exercises which makes it even easier to do.

There are not many typical exercises in the app to perform. Activ5 app is a solution to every issue related to exercising and it makes your body go fit day by day.

How to use Activ5 for the workout ?

The efficiency of this device is up to the mark. The workout as well as the screen of progress here have much more to learning. For the completion of the exercises, no extra time is in the requirement for it.

The full workout can be easily done with Activ5 in five minutes and a day for three times. The app provides full coaching to the users for building better flexibility and endurance. By applying pressure by the hand heel and then targeting the muscles by separating the fingers we can easily hold the Activ5.

The user interface is very simple and easier. It includes various tabs which access the programs of training as well as the exercises and workouts.

By touching the available activity we can launch our session of workout. For accurate tracking of the strength which becomes higher from time to time,  it is a recommendation that to maximize the power every 6 to 9 days.

Activ5 is available at the cost of $149.99. The package of Activ5 includes the download code for its app.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Activ5 Fitness with complete information.

What is an active 5?

Activ5 is a Bluetooth-enabled, portable fitness and strength training gadget for men and women that, when used in conjunction with the Activ5 companion Smartphone app, guides users through five-minute full-body workouts and tracks statistics like strength, precision, and other personal parameters.

Does Activ5 work?

5.0 stars out of 5 It’s also great for regular gym goers! I recently received my Activ5 and have been using it at work, at home, and when travelling. I aim to go to the gym at least two to three times each week, but this is a wonderful way to get a short exercise in when I can’t make it there.

What exactly is isometric force?

Isometric workouts include contracting (tightening) a single muscle or a group of muscles. The length of the muscle does not alter during isometric activities. The damaged joint is also immobile.

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