How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone – Step by Step

If you want, then you can delete several contacts on your iPhone. You can the steps for that here. As the contacts app on the iPhone is only one app, which is the change for years. It has the same features as it was before. You don’t need to get multiple irritating situations in deleting your contacts at one time as you can back up in the iCloud too. In that, you can select the contacts option and can delete it.

But if you want, then you can also delete it in your phone app. For deleting, it needs to have a piece of proper knowledge about the process of it. You can use the group’s app on your iPhone to delete the contacts. It enables you to delete the contacts.

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How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

Here are the given explained steps which enable you to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to install the group’s app on your iPhone.

Step 2

Go to your app store on your iPhone and then search for a group in the given search bar. Now go to the next option.

Step 3

You have to get the verification by purchasing it there.

Step 4

Now when the group’s app appropriately installed in your device, open it from your home screen. It appears like a multicolor form.

Step 5

After that, click on the let’s get started option. It gives at the downside of the page. Before this, you have to get the info about your contact here.

Step 6

Click on all the contacts option. It is showing on the upward side of the page. All of your contacts appear on the screen.

Step 7

Select the contacts whom you want to delete from your iPhone. A tick option appears there.

Step 8

Now click on the choose action option there. Various options occur on the screen.

Step 9

Choose the delete contacts option. It is the last one on the given page. A message for confirming it appears on the screen.

Step 10

Now click on the remove from my iPhone option shown there. You now find that no contact which you selected for deleting occurs there.

Additional Tips:

Similarly, you can delete multiple contacts on your android phone. In that, you have to select the contacts and click on the delete option there. It is no other form of issue in deleting there.