How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

There may occur a situation for you where you need to delete a page or various pages in your google docs. As whenever you are working with your documents you are always in need of getting a perfect look for it. You need to find extra pages for it, clearing all the doubts and many more. There are few ways given for deleting the unwanted page in google docs which may depend on the situation of removing it.

To make your document perfect, you may not go in a hurry of it and just make a proper procedure and understand it so that it may not take much heavier load which may result in deleting the important page of yours. You can easily delete the unwanted page either on your PC or on your Mac. We take you to through on short guide based on how to delete a page in google docs.

Here are the few ways which will enable you in deleting such pages:-

Margin formation and its adjustments

  • For this purpose, you need to go to the option of selecting the setup page by which it will take you to the edit option.
  • Sometimes the problem may not be the issue of page break, but it can be the situation where page margins are not set properly. For the purpose of fixing such a problem, you need to follow the given steps.
  • When you will open your document you will find the file option at your top. Click on that file option.
  • In the given menu, select the page setup button which will take you to the selection of the required pages.
  • As the box will appear, it will take you to the margin and then it will select the size of the number as per the requirement. You can easily fix it according to the space you need to your document and it will lead you to the option of deleting and selecting the page you required.

Extra Contents

  • There may be a situation where you have written the content which may not be needed by you. In such a situation you want to delete it as the page count will take it along the required side.
  • In this condition, the content can be overlapped by deleting the extra one and it is also simpler in doing that by finding the page for it with your project and omitting it in the form of getting its purpose.
  • For this you have to select the cursor and go to the unwanted text or the photo. Then select the delete option on the keyboard by which the content will get deleted and the pages will form from the highlighted one.
  • From the various space of your project, the different portions can also be detected from the worth of the selected pages. If you don’t need the paragraph, then it will be resulted as the space taken for full page.
  • You have to also see that the empty lines are also detected along with it. Although it don’t includes text but comes as an unwanted page selection.