How to Upload Videos in Google Drive

Google drive is the best application of storing our various files and folders. You can easily secure the documents to your drive. You can share them through the google drive to your required people. It is the best form of sharing applications worldwide. You can online collaborate easily with the perfections needed in your time. It gives the best instructive form in giving a helpful way of saving the document. You can also download the required files there which can be later used by you.

How to Upload Videos in Google Drive

Here are the steps needed by the user in uploading of the videos to the google drive:-

Step 1:

You can directly upload the video on the website. For that, firstly go to the website of(Google Drive). In the website that you open, log in to your ID and then open the required tab. After that, sign to your account and select the continue option.

Step 2:

Select the document that you want to upload and then go to the banner shown right to the top. Now go to the upload section and click on the file.

Step 3:

After that go to the selection of the file of your computer and select the uploading page option. Then go to the video and select the one which you want to upload to your drive. It will process the page according to the page.

Step 4:

Now the drive will process the video and will check it’s availability of the file in uploading it. It will take some of the time in this procedure.

Step 5:

There will be an icon representing the form of a menu by the lines. It will access the drive option in getting the page selection whenever the option appears.

Step 6:

Share the video as per clicking on it. It will automatically upload it to the form of sharing icon as when it gets represented.

Step 7:

You have to enter the addresses of the people to whom you want to share along.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, after reading this article you would be able to upload videos in your google drive account and it may have also solved any query regarding uploading a video on google drive. but if you still face any problem or may not able to upload a video on google drive then do comment it we will try to solve it ASAP.