How to Move and Add Text Box In Google Docs

While working in the docs, there comes a situation where you need to move or add the textbox in google docs. As it requires various processing and creating of the documents which may include some of the editing and analysis of it therefore for that purpose it is necessary for the various procedure to be included in your software. For this you need to have the info in getting the procedures involved with the software as a productive form.

How to Move and Add Text Box In Google Docs

There are various topics explained along with the steps involved:-

1. Moving text in google docs

  • Firstly, select the text which you want to move by clicking on the left of the beginning side of the word and then drag the cursor to the right side.
  • Now, select the highlighted text by placing the cursor to the document and by moving it to the required place of the file.
  • Release the option and then go to the documents by automatic selection of the required text which you previously selected for it. Now come to the new location of the document and insert your text.
  • You can also copy or paste the text by pressing the Ctrl button. As the document requires the various copies to be made, then several text can be pasted along with it.

How to Add Text Box in Google Docs

  • As the documents of google contains the specially designed form of boxes which are necessary for the organization of the information. It will lead you to the adding of the text to your document.
  • For adding the text box, firstly you need to select the insert option and then the drawing button from the given menu. Then easily you can observe that the box of drawing will appear showing varieties of it.
  • From there, select the text box.
  • Now, click on the area of the drawing for the purpose of making the text box appear.
  • Drag the mouse and it can be observed that the text box will occur. Now, you can easily add the text in the text box as per your requirement.
  • When certain procedures are completed, then you have to save it to the file and close it. It will lead you to the document where you have added the text box.
  • Now, you can easily add the text and write there as per your requirement in the document.