5 Best Wireless Monitors To Buy

It is a fact that there lies a big difference between chordless and chorded monitors in terms of speed, response, USB cable, Video transmitting capability, etc. But in 2020 we can find some of the best wireless monitors in the electronic market. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best wireless monitors that you can opt for in 2020.

1. Dell S2317HWi

Wireless Monitors

If you want to connect your smartphone or laptop to the Dell S2317HWi then you can do it easily as it offers a wireless connection that you’ll surely be going to enjoy. No wires or cables are needed. You do not need to think about the compatible connectors and drivers to get your things done. It has got Wi-Fi technology so you’ll only need to set up the connection for once to go on.

S2317HWi offers a multitasking option so that users can smoothly get their works done using a mobile device only. The monitor has got a bigger screen at (23 inches). You will find multi-window support at a different light in this monitor. It has got crystal-clear HD screen, built-in 3W speakers, additional connection jacks for VGA, HDMI, and audio.

2. ASUS MB168B

chordless monitor

It has not got an attractive name, but you can go for ASUS MB168B. This one comes with a 15.6-inch high-definition display. It uses a single USB 3.0 cable for power and data transmission. It comes with a resolution of 366 x 768. It is not an entirely wireless transmission. The USB cable does enable you to have some great portability here & there.

3. Dell Ultrasharp U2417HWi

Dell Wireless Monitor

It has got a 16:9 aspect ratio. With 1920x1080p resolution, we can see the 24″ display here. The PPI is actually slightly lower but that does not matter as PPI difference between 23″ and 24″ is unnoticeable unless you have two monitors next to each other side by side. This Ultrasharp model has a pretty solid colour. It has HDMI support, USB 3.0, 3.5mm audio jack. But it has not got any wireless charging option.


Apart from these monitors, you can go for some of the wireless displaying accessories like Apple TV, Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter, Actiontec Screen Beam Mini2, NETGEAR PTV3000, Chromecast Ultra. Using these accessories, you can convert your TV screen into your personal computer screen. These are very useful accessories.