How To Charge Airpods Case

However, occasionally, even the AirPods case might develop a problem and stop charging properly, making your existence difficult. This article will show you how to Charge Airpods Case.

To charge your Airpods case, even if in case you know how to do it, the point is that there are some special features as well that you gotta know about it.

Airpods are basically very smart designed wireless earphones for Apple users as a sign of status, a symbol, and for some just their interest.

How To Charge AirPods

Now AirPods have to be charged as they use Bluetooth to stay connected which is implied that they eat up battery.

Now it is somewhere applicable that they are used upon battery so, if they are wireless how are they charged? They are charged by their case. Airpods have their own case to be kept in, in which they are charged as well.

Now you use AirPods or Airpods pro, the process and it is highly recommended that you shift to air pods pro as they are just amazing. They are just extremely well designed to fit your ears for like flat two hours of watching movies and listening to songs or pods.

The pro ones literally just cancel all the voices from outside and it is like you put them in and you can not hear anything from outside which is like really cool that you get no disturbance while doing anything with the air pods.

Charge Airpods Case

Now in the case of the charging, AirPods have to be charged to take into use and it just gets way convenient as you may charge them the time you are sleeping or just busy doing something where you’re not using the AirPods.

Charge Airpods Case

To charge them, usually, the regular ones get charged by themselves inside the case but in case you gotta charge the case you gotta go ahead and take preferably the Airpods out of the case, though even if you keep it inside it’s no big deal.

If you turn the Airpods case upside down, that is the opposite side to the side where it opens up, you will see a space where you can put your charger in and just charge them.

That little part will actually charge your case as sometimes it happens that the Airpods themselves take up the battery and the case is left with none.

It is important to pre-charge your case like the Airpod case in case of not fall short on battery, while you are out or when you actually need the stuff and you don’t get it.

Now the charger for the Airpod should be the same one that you got in the original box that comes with the brand, which you got when you purchased them.

So you just gotta take up the same charger, plug it in the socket and the other end in the Airpod case, and your job is done. The Airpods will get charged on their own.

Another benefit of an original charger is that it charges up fast as the charger is basically personally designed for the product we are using, so it obviously specializes in the task of charging those specific Airpods.

Though in some cases if the original one is not available you can use the apple mobile ones but not anyone else from those.

This is all how you gotta charge up your case with ease and comfort.

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