Where Is AirPods Volume Control?

Since AirPods are so simple to use and intuitive, you should know how to control them if you feel like the volume is too low.

You should also be aware of various methods. So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to AirPods Volume Control so that you may enjoy a satisfying listening experience.

It is necessary to have the proper knowledge about the changing of the various settings in the AirPods. As they are literally different in the AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

The control of the volume can be a bit complex. As it is not easy to be performed by anyone of the adjustings of volume on AirPods.

AirPods Volume Control

Usually, the controls of AirPods are in the hidden form in the commands of voice and the various gestures in it.

Turning The Volume Low And High

For turning the volume to the low or the high, the need is there then adjust the settings.

1. Go to the settings app. It is easily available on the home screen of your iPad or iPhone.

2. Click on the Bluetooth option there.

3. In the list of paired devices, do the search for your AirPods. After that click on the info option available on the right side.

4. Under the option of a double-tap on your AirPod, click on the right or the left side and select Siri from the given functions.

5. After that, click two times on the AirPod.

6. Say there, Hey Siri, do the turning of the Volume Up. Or else you can say as per your way.

Users can also lower or higher the volume by telling the amount of percentage of volume they want. According to that, the adjustment of the volume becomes easy.

Controlling The Volume Of Airpods For The Second Generation

The most convenient form of feature that is in addition to the new forms of AirPods is the nest ability to get the Siri voice form. Users can easily do the adjustment of the voice even without pressing the earbuds.

  1. Only by saying Hey Siri, the raising of the volume will lead to the volume increase of the AirPod.

2. For the control functions of the original forms of AirPodsthe users can also ask Siri for performing the percentage increase of the Volume. Like asking for increasing about 20% of the volume.

Adjusting The Volume In The iOS Device

If the person is in a place there is no requirement for Siri, then the person can use the volume adjustment on the iOS device.

1. If the iPhone is already in unlock form, then open the control center by scrolling the screen.

2. Now on the given screen, you will find that the volume availability is there. Users can easily select the type of adjustment they want to do to their AirPods.

3. In the unlocked iPhone also users can also adjust the Volume their way. By dragging the slider of the volume left or right, they can adjust it.

Usually, users can also set the volume on the apple watch too. By sliding it up and down, it is easy to adjust in it.

I hope this information made you understand the adjustments of the settings of the volume of your AirPods. For more related articles read our how to Pause AirPods: step-by-step guide and you can also read this how to Rename Airpods? Complete Steps and many more.