Hentainexus is Shutdown This is the Reason? Check out Alternatives

There are many hentaiNexus alternatives available to help you find the cartoon, manga, and anime that you have been looking for.

Anime sites will allow you to enjoy your favourite hentai without having to worry about malware or viruses. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 hentainexus alternatives so that you can still enjoy your favourite cartoon.


Due to unknown reasons, the world’s most popular website hentainexus has been shut down now you can not access this website on your computer or smartphone.

Moreover, you can access some of the best hentainexus alternatives which everyone around you uses to watch their favourite anime without having a hassle.

Here we have composed a list of websites that are some of the best alternatives for the hentainexus.

1. Kiss Cartoon

Kiss cartoon is an awesome hentainexus alternative that offers a wide variety of free adult anime. It has tons of content and new episodes are added daily so you can enjoy your favourite shows as they come out in Japan.

URL: kisscartoon.com

Rating: 96% (positive ratings) | 100% safe for work

Membership Fee?: No membership fee is required to view the site’s contents; however, there is a bonus system if members sign up for premium access which costs around $20 per month (rates vary depending on currency).

You will find high-quality videos with English subtitles within minutes after searching through their extensive library. The website design makes it easy to use and navigate between episodes.

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is another great alternative to hentaiNexus that offers a variety of free anime shows. This website has more than 25,000 episodes and subbed versions are available for many popular titles. The site also provides plenty of information about each episode so you can learn about the plot before watching it!

URL: kissanime.com

Rating: 100% safe for work | membership fee not required

Membership Fee?: No membership fee is required; however, there may be advertisements on certain pages which will produce revenue if clicked by members (optional) or through AdSense (mandatory). You can choose to pay $20 per month in order to gain access to their premium library but this option is not required.

KissAnime is a great hentaiNexus alternative because it allows you to stream episodes from their website without having to download them! They have many popular titles available and the content can be viewed in English or Japanese if desired.

For those who prefer subtitles, there are several language options including Russian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and others that will help broaden your search for anime shows.

3. 9Anime

This hentaiNexus alternative is a great place to watch free anime online because it offers over 100,000 episodes and movies. These are high-quality 1080p videos that can be streamed directly from their website without having to download them first! New shows are added daily so there is always something new for you to enjoy on this site.

URL: nineanime.com

Rating: 88% (positive ratings) | safe for work

Membership Fee?: A membership fee is not required; however, members will gain access to premium content if they pay $20 per month which also includes faster servers and exclusive shows (rates vary depending on currency).

You can view all of the available titles with English subtitles or choose to watch them in Japanese.

NineAnime is a great alternative to hentaiNexus for those who love anime and want to be able to stream episodes directly from their website without having to download anything first!

This site has many popular titles available and there are several episodes added daily so you will never run out of new shows and movies that can keep you entertained all day long.

There are also social media links on the top navigation bar which allow members to share videos with friends or favourite them if they like what they see (there’s no limit as to how many times you can favourite an episode).

These hentai sites offer similar content but each one offers something different depending on your personal preferences.

You may find that some provide better quality videos while others have higher-rated shows. Two of the alternatives listed here are ad-supported but they do not contain any adult advertisements or links to external sites.

4. Animefreak

AnimeFreak is another great alternative to hentaiNexus that offers a variety of anime shows and movies. This site features more than 25,000 episodes which are available for streaming online or you can download them if you prefer (rates vary depending on currency).

URL: animfreak.tv

Rating: 100% safe for work | membership fee not required

Membership Fee?: No membership fee is required to watch anime with English subtitles on this site. There may be advertisements that appear as you browse through certain pages which will produce revenue if clicked by members (optional) or AdSense (mandatory).

You can also sign up for a free account which will produce revenue if members want to upgrade their account.

AnimeFreak is a great free anime site that allows you to stream shows from their website without having to download them first!

You can watch many popular titles in either English or Japanese so this makes it easy for those who may not understand the language but still want access to quality content.

There is also no membership fee required to join this site which makes it a great hentaiNexus alternative if you are on a budget.

Members of AnimeFreak will have access to over 25,000 episodes so there’s always something new for them to watch online or they can download their favourite shows too!

The anime videos are available in HD quality so you don’t have to worry about the picture is unclear.

You can also sign up for a free account which will produce revenue if members want to upgrade their membership but this is not required and there are no advertisements shown on the anime videos themselves.

5. Chai-Anime

Chai-Anime is another great website for anime fans to download their favourite shows. As of this writing, there are over 700 episodes available which you can watch online or directly from your computer without having to convert them first (rates vary depending on currency).

URL: chai-anime.com

Rating: 100% safe for work | membership fee not required

Membership Fee?: No membership fees are required here which makes it a good alternative to hentaiNexus for those who don’t want to spend money but still enjoy watching anime videos or reading manga.

You will need an account if you want to access to the more popular titles though so make sure that you sign up before browsing any further! A free account will work fine but it does not provide members with access to all of the content that is available.

Chai-Anime has a variety of anime shows and movies for members to watch online or download directly from their website without any hassle!

There are over 700 episodes currently listed on this site so if you can’t find anything new here then there’s probably nothing worth watching.

In addition, membership fees are not required which makes Chia-Anime an excellent alternative to hentainexus if you don’t want to spend money but still enjoy streaming adult-themed anime videos.

6. AnimeLap

AnimeLap is another good website for anime shows and movies. The site contains over 500 episodes which you can watch online without having to download them first (rates vary depending on currency).

URL: animelab.com

Rating: 100% safe for work | membership fee not required

Membership Fee?: No membership fees are needed here so AnimeLab makes a great alternative to hentainexus if you’re looking for adult-themed content but don’t want to spend any money.

You will have access to all of the videos available on this website no matter what your status may be though so it’s easy enough to browse through their selection even if you haven’t signed up yet! Don’t forget that you will need an account to access the more popular titles though.

AnimeLab has a huge selection of anime shows and movies for members to watch online or directly from their computer without having to download them first!

There are over 500 episodes available so if nothing catches your eye right away then there’s really no point in signing up since most other hentaiNexus alternatives only have about 100-200 videos but AnimeLab is definitely one of them the best sites that I’ve encountered yet.

Membership fees are not necessary here which makes it possible for anyone who wants access these adult-themed materials without needing any extra money on their end either.

7. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a website that provides anime and manga content for free. It has over 60,000 episodes of anime series to watch. The site includes English translations for some items as well as subtitles in 50 different languages so people from around the world can enjoy them too!

You won’t have any trouble finding something you like here because they have every category imaginable available including romance, drama, action-adventure, horror/mystery among others.

Another thing I really love about this animes is how it doesn’t just focus on one type of video or media format but instead offers many options including HD videos up to 1080p along with music tracks to download. There are also manga comics that you can read and enjoy.

GoGoAnime is definitely my top alternative to hentaiNexus because they have so much more content than just anime p*rn videos which you can stream or download directly to your device.

The site also has a forum where people discuss different topics as well as share artwork with each other. It’s such an amazingly cool community that I highly recommend checking it out if you want something similar but better!

8. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is a great website for watching anime from all over the world. It has subtitles in different languages and offers HD videos to watch.

The home page of this tube site looks really cool because it shows pictures from your favourite anime series, movies or games which you can then click on to go straight into that category.

You have access to hundreds upon thousands of episodes here so there’s no way you won’t find something good! Anime-planet also includes a variety of other media forms such as manga comics and art books if that’s what you’re looking for instead.

If I had to choose an alternative hentaiNexus based purely on quality , Anime-planet would definitely be it.

There you have it – my list for hentaiNexus alternatives that all pack just as much punch in terms of user-friendliness and media formats . If you want an alternative to this tube that’s really good then look no further than what I’ve recommended above.

9. AniWatcher

AniWatcher is an anime website that has everything from anime movies to short videos. It’s great because it offers both English and Japanese subtitles along with HD video quality.

The home page of this tube site is really nice too because you can browse through different categories including drama, action, romance etc.

This website definitely gives hentaiNexus a run for its money when it comes to the sheer amount of content on offer. You have access to so many episodes here which will keep you occupied for hours!

The best part about all these shows is that they’re available in full-length formats meaning there’s no waiting around between episodes either – just pure entertainment from A to Z.

The layout is nice and clean as well so you won’t have any problems navigating through the site or finding things that interest you either.

Everything is divided up into logical sections which helps a lot with keeping track of everything on offer here too! One thing we liked about this website was how they list everything by date released rather than by most viewed which helps you to avoid all the fuss of sorting through countless videos.

URL – AniWatcher.com

10. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is not just a website – it’s more like an anime hub where you can find all the newest episodes of your favourite shows.

This place has so many videos which are updated on a daily basis that there’s no way to keep track of them even if you try! To watch any episode, though, you’ll need their premium membership which costs around $60 per year.

The free membership here is quite limited in comparison – you can’t watch the latest episodes, only ones that are at least a couple of weeks old!

However, they provide plenty to choose from even with this limitation thanks to their huge library of over 25000 titles. We really liked how everything was divided up into different genres too so finding things that interest you will be super easy!

The site works well on mobile devices as well if you ever want to catch some anime action while travelling for work or something like that.

URL – Crunchyroll.com

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the HentaiNexus with complete information.

What is hentaiNexus?

hentaiNexus was a popular website for watching anime, reading manga and even some mainstream movies. However, it has been shut down earlier this month which means you can’t use the site anymore to watch your favourite content! Luckily there are plenty of alternatives out there that will provide pretty much the same features as their predecessor.

What websites can I watch free anime content without signing up?

There are several websites that offer free anime content (including episodes of the latest seasons) without requiring you to sign up! Here we listed some of the best ones that you can consider trying out.

Do any of these hentaiNexus alternatives have English subtitles?

Yes, most of the websites mentioned above offer anime shows with English subtitles so if you don’t know the Japanese language – no worries! Just find the show you want to watch and look for its episode number which will be followed by English subtitles.

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