6 Ways To Download Videos from Tumblr

Download Videos From Tumblr: What is the situation when you find any best video on Tumblr? You reblog it and view it most of the time.

But what is when you want to share it on your social media? For Download Videos From Tumblr, here we have explained various ways of it. Firstly, we’ll go through the information on Tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social network that includes various Gifs in it. Now it also includes various videos too which are attracting most of the community so that they can also share them from here on their social media.

It is in actuality the platform of microblogging which includes various types of content. They include various types of weird, funny, and video clips of cute ones that are much interesting for everyone out there.

Due to this only, most of the users want to Download Videos From Tumblr and share them everywhere.

 Download Videos from Tumblr

6 Ways To Download Tumblr Videos on Your Device

Now let’s move on to the guide to Download Videos From Tumblr

Method 1 # Use of the Video Downloader

You can go for the use of the online application available to Download Videos From Tumblr. You can go for the tube offline from the website of https://www.tubeoffline.com/ and can do the downloading of the videos. It is one of the universal platforms for downloading and also is the oldest one.

It is also the easiest one to perform, as it does the conversion of the videos to files of mp4 or the mp3. You just have to copy the URL of the video on Tumblr, then have to paste it in the given bar of search in the tube offline, and have to click on the Get Video option.

Method 2 # Use of Tumblr video Downloader

The Tumblr video downloader is also an application or web-based. It is simple in use and is also free to access to Download Videos From Tumblr.

When you will open the website of https://www.expertsphp.com/tumblr-video-downloader.html on your computer system, you will find a search bar there. You just simply have to copy the URL of the video on Tumblr, and then have to paste it in the search bar there. Then click on the button of Download and the video will be Download Videos From Tumblr there within the limited time.

Method 3 # Through the Google Chrome

If you don’t want to perform Download Videos From Tumblr through the third party apps then you can go for the downloading of them through Google Chrome. By such away, you can perform the downloading of the videos more easily and smoothly.

Here we have mentioned steps for it:-

Step 1

Go for the search of the video of which you want to get Download Videos From Tumblr. Then click on the button of Share and then click on the Permalink button. It will open on your screen the video page on the tab of a separate one.

Step 2

Then do right-click on the video and then do the selection of the View frame Source.

Step 3

Now on the page of frame source code, give the search for a link and then do the selection of the Save Link As for saving of the video file to the computer.

Method 4 # By the Tumbloader App

If you need to Download Videos From Tumblr on the Android as well as on the tablet device, then you can use the application of the Tumbloader app for saving the videos to the mobile device.

Step 1

If you have the Android device, then firstly do the installation of the Tumbloader app on the phone or the tablet.

Step 2

Then perform the browsing of the Download Videos From Tumblr by the use of the official app of Tumblr as you perform in a normal way. Whenever you want to do the downloading of a video, just simply click on the button of share and then do the selection of the Tumbloader as the option of share.

Step 3

Now you have to click on the Download button for downloading the video to the phone.

This is such an app that gives you the allowance for downloading the videos of Instagram also. The process of it is just the same.

Method 5 # Tumblr for iOS

If you are in use of the Apple device, then the app named as Tyblr that is in actual the client third party app of Tumblr. For this, you have to log in to the Tumblr account by the use of this app other than the official app of it.

It is not a recommendation for the use of this app as it is only an option for the users of iOS for Download Videos From Tumblr. You can do the use of it as per your own risk.

Here we have the steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, run the Tumblr app on the iPhone. Then look for the video there which you want to download. Now click on the share button and then tap on the button of Copy for copying of that link.

Step 2

Then open the app of MyMedia and then paste the link to the download box there. Now tap on the button of getting Video.

Step 3

Now MyMedia will ask you for tapping on the Download button. Click on it and then wait for a while till the video gets downloaded.

Step 4

Now as the downloading gets completed, such a video will get stored in the storage place of Recently Downloaded Videos. Or if you need to save them on the iPhone then just click on the media tab and then click on the Recently Downloaded Video. Then click on the save to Camera Roll and the video gets saved there.

Method 6 # Use of iPhone Screen Recorder

If you using the iOS device like iPhone or the iPad which runs on the iOS 11 or any other, then you can get easily the Tumblr videos by the use of the iPhone’s in-built feature that is the screen recorder.

Such a method does not even require the app or the software for getting completed, but it will require most of the time of yours. Here are some of the steps for Download Videos From Tumblr in iPhone:-

Step 1

On the iPhone or the iPad, do the swiping up of the screen from the bottom. Then click on the button of Record which appears as the white circle with another white cycle under it.

Step 2

Wait for a while, then your iPhone will start the recording of it. The button of the recording will turn out to be red.

Step 3

Now open the app of Tumblr and look there for the video that you want to save in your device. As the recording gets finished, you can turn off the Record and can check there the recorded video in the camera roll of your iOS device.

What makes Tumblr so popular?

In simple terms, Tumblr is a blog and social networking tool that allows users to post blogs or “tumblelogs”. 

Tumblr shut down for what reason?

It is a microblogging and social networking site that allows users to create, share and interact with text-based and visual content. 

Is Tumblr still used?

Since the early aughts, Tumblr has become a cultural touchstone, holding a unique place among social networks as a platform that connects fandoms, social causes, and weird quirks.

Is Tumblr closing in 2020?

There will be no more downloads of the app. As of July 1, 2020, this app will no longer be available to new users or subscribers.

Wrapping Things Up

It is a hope that the desired Download Videos From Tumblr have got by you from such an article. With the help of such tools, you can easily download Tumblr videos.

Give a read to the above-mentioned methods and do the selection by which you want to download the videos of Tumblr. Also, go for our more topics.

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