How To Turn off Switching Animation on Mac

How I can disable Switching Animation on Mac? When you navigate from one space to another on a desktop there is the animation that nice in look but it makes your computer slower.

There are two ways to turn off switching animation on Mac. You can either disable switch animation using Command lines or else from Mac Display settings. In this article, we going to teach both ways in step-by-step guides.

Disable Switching Animation on Mac | Using Display Settings 

I also used spaces in my Mac a lot, and moving between spaces is kind of a waste of time and work. So I’ve figured out how I can disable switch animation on Mac. And it’s an easy job you can also disable it if you feel repeatedly moving on spaces makes me feel a bit nauseous.

Follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to disable the switch animation using Mac display settings.

Step 1:

Open “System Preference” on your Mac device.

Step 2:

Now move to Accessbitly > Display.

Step 3:

Click on the Reduce Motion and hit the save button.

You can easily disable space-switching animation on your Macbook, estimate or other Mac OS X running device by using a command line.

The Reduce Motion will disable or replace the switching animation with a more appealing faded screen.

Disable Switching Animation on Mac | Using Command Line

Yes, it’s possible to turn off animation on Windows switching with a simple command from the terminal.

Open “Terminal” from your Mac Dock type are given command line to the terminal and hit the enter button.

Command Line : 

"defaults write workspaces-swoosh-animation-off -bool YES"

When you type this command line restart your computer which allows the command to take effect.

To restart your computer Dock

Command Line : 

"defaults write expose-animation-duration -int 0; kill all Dock"

To reverse the default

Command Line : 

"defaults write workspaces-swoosh-animation-off -bool NO"

Disable Switch Animation on Mac | Using TotalSpace2

There is another solution to get rid of switching animation in case the above command line doesn’t work for you. In case, if the above method won’t work for you, Then, in this case, you can simply use a Mac software called TotolSpace2.

There is a software called TotalSpace that allows OS X devices to automatically disable space-switching animation. You have to install it on your computer.

Feature of TotalSpace 2:

  • Display an overview of desktops & drag windows between them.
  • Navigate to the right, left or up and down between your desktops
  • Fully customizable transitions and hotkeys for Mac.
  • Moving around your grid has become easier.
  • Trigger the overview grid just by moving your mouse.
  • Keep your apps where you want them from your mouse.

TotalSpace2 is the grid with multiple functions and its spaces manager for Mac computers. But it’s not compatible with OSX 10.11 El Capitan.


This is the end of how to turn off animation on a Macbook for more similar guides do check our Macbook guides section.

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