How To Connect Airpods To iPhone

In the case of AirPods, the case is just that you put them on and just forget about it until you just realize that you have dropped one and the other one has stopped working. In this article, we will tell you about how to connect Airpods to iPhone

They are just extremely well designed to fit your ears for like flat two hours of watching movies and listening to songs or pods.

The headphones are at 80% working out at planet fitness, these are made up of plastic but it is that good plastic and not the cheap sort of plastic.

Like when you work out and you sweat and stuff, they then too stay inside and no damage happens to them.

How To Connect Airpods To iPhone-Step-By-Step Guide

Now connect it to whatever, may it be your iPhone, iPad, or anything.

Step 1:

Pop it open and then get it close to anything you want to connect it with. It will appear on the screen of the device where it’ll ask you if you want to connect so you gotta click connect.

Step 2:

In some cases, you gotta hold down the button on your air pod case for like a few seconds for it to automatically connect and you will be connected in an approx time span of 6 seconds.

A notification pops up just after your air pods are connected from Siri where you gotta press not now and get back.

Step 3:

To control your ear pods you simply say, Hey Siri what’s the weather, hey Siri read my messages, hey Siri plays music, etc. Or you may just double-tap on both the air pods one after the other to pause, play, move forward and backward, and stuff like that.

How To Setup Airpods Connection To iPhone

Step 1:

You gotta go to settings and in there click on general, inside it click on Bluetooth, and then you’ll see a connected device that is your air pods so you gotta tap on that and a new screen will open where you can set up the frequency of your taps and the function it will perform which will be inside those settings only.

Step 2:

You can also set up Siri with all the functions in the option Siri & search so as to get using your air pods to ease if you have your air pods on and then if somebody calls you all you gotta do is ask Siri, hey Siri pick up the call or you can instruct it, hey Siri call my mom, etc.

Step 3:

Basically connecting the air pods to the device is a super easy and effortless task, it just takes up a few seconds of yours to set up and start functioning.

When it is connected it will also show the charging percentage so that you don’t run out of battery and charge the air pods case and hence the air pods on or before time so as to make use of them when it’s actually required.

Additional Tip:

So this is all the basics you gotta know about from connecting your air pods to using it and instructing it, its charging and everything.

It a very easy, convenient, and basic working and goes up handy very easily and quickly with anybody and sets using your phone at ease. So, by this article, you know the complete process of how to connect AirPods to an iPhone without having a hassle.

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