How to Charge Airpods without Case

In case you own a pair of AirPods, you, of course, know the importance of its cases. The AirPods are basically earbuds with such a light feel that you don’t even realise that there is something in your ears until and unless you actually check on them. So, go through this simple step by step guide to know how to charge airpods without case.

What is AirPods?

Airpods are basically very smart designed wireless earphones for Apple users as a sign of status, symbol and for some it just their interest. Now AirPods have to be charged as they use Bluetooth to stay connected. Now it is somewhere applicable that they are used upon battery so, if they are wireless how are they charged. They are charged by their case. Airpods have their own case to be kept in, in which they are charged as well.

How To Charge Airpods Without Case

Now in case, if someday the case of your air pods goes missing or breaks down then there are two problems that arise, first is to keep the air pods, as they are too small and delicate, the case used to protect them from getting lost and otherwise as well.

And second, how would you charge your air pods without its case, is through an app.  No jailbreak is gonna required for this neither do you find it on the app store. But literally this app takes even lesser time to charge than the AirPods case.

Step 1:

You gotta open the browser and go to the website, ‘’ and in the search bar just type in air pods charger. The that displays top most says, ‘charge your air pods without the case’, you gotta tap on it.

Step 2:

Now it’ll just wait for start injection and now we have to just look for the progress bar that increases till the end. It’ll take a moment to load but you just gotta give it its time.

Step 3:

Then to start the download function you have to agree to it follow and complete the instructions of two free offers below to finish the injection process. You’ll see a bunch of offers, you gotta have any two and then move further.

Step 4:

Read the instructions of the offers that’s all. Now once you complete downloading the offers with correct instructions, the app will be seen on your screen.

Step 5:

Just open up the app, and keep in mind that you have your air pods nearby or right next to you as long as 10 feet within your phone and the app will automatically find your air pods via Bluetooth. And then it’ll start charging using or deducting the mobile’s battery.

Additional Tip:

This is how convenient and easy it is to charge your air pods using its air pod’s cases. The app is super quick, accessible and safe and does the job for you with extreme ease. Using this your air pods get charged way faster and you can obviously use them for longer.

The only thing you have to take care of is, the air pods as the case is missing, it is quite difficult and tricky to keep them safe and in use and not falling anywhere. But they cannot fall down and you can’t lose them.

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