How To Change Homepage Macbook Air

Thinking, how to change homepage Macbook Air. Well, Adware becomes one of the most annoying issues for Mac users. In simple words, when you web search for something, for instance, a photo editing software and when you installed it on your computer. You may have notices that after installing that software or whatever it is.

Your computer has been affected by Malware that causes pop-up windows and sometimes it automatically pops malware website. To get rid of this malware software you’ve to install malware removal software on your Mac.

But it becomes a bit problem this malware change the homepage of your default web browser. Once you get rid of malware you can easily change the homepage of your Macbook Air.

Change Homepage on Macbook Air

In this article, we are going to show how you can easily change the homepage on safari or any other default browser on Macbook Air or any other Mac computer.

To change the Homepage of Macbook follows, here

Safari Browser Homepage

For Mac, the build-in web browser follows these given below steps.

Step 1:

Launched the Safari app on your Macbook Air. Now, Click on the Safari Menu given at the upper right corner. Select “Preferences”.

Step 2:

Click on the General tab and then you’ve to able to see Homepage settings.

Step 3:

Go to the Homepage section, Enter the web address of the search engine or web page that you want to set as homepage in safari.

To check to close the Safari web browser and next open it again. Click on the new safari tab, to see the homepage that you’ve set by following the above steps. You can also use command lines to open homepage press Shift-Command-H keys using the keyboard.

How To Change Homepage In Mac If It’s Grayed Out

So, if you’ve tried all the above steps and you cannot able to change homepage Macbook Air. The reason for this is when you’re trying to access options they aren’t editable or grayed out. This mainly caused if your Macbook to have more complicated malware.

However, there is an easy method to get over with this issue follow these steps to resolve.

Step 1:

Open System Preferences from the Apple icon given at the menu bar.

Step 2:

Go to the “Profiles” icon in the System Preferences.

Step 3:

Now you will able to see the complete profiles on your Mac. If you’re the only owner of the Mac then remove all unwanted profiles. Else if there other users of the Mac then remove profiles that seem to be malware.

To get rid of them, select them and press the minus button that all. After you should able to change the homepage in the Safari web browser without having a hassle

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