5 Best Web Application Firewall

Web applications are trending nowadays. Besides, I am here to show you the best web application firewall services in 2020 because you will need one. WAF also protects your web site and web services APIs. These are easy to build and use. Moreover, these are cross-platform and for any OS type. Web apps are used in any OS because it runs under a browser. That means your browser is the OS environment for your web app.

Securing your web is not difficult. There is a ton of WAF available in the market. It is a good thing but also confusing to choose from. However, need not worry, I am here to show you the best ones around. So look at these WAF services and choose one that fits your need

Best Web Application Firewall [WAF] Services In 2020

WAF service is a good thing to have but keep in mind these are not free. Some of them are free with limited access. However, in the end, you will have to buy one. WAF protects your web site from Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi) dos, DDoS and other major cyber-attacks. So let us get started. So let us get started with the list of five best web application firewall protection in 2020.

1. Cloud Flare Web Application Firewall

When it comes to WAF, cloud flare is the key player. A few click installation makes it beginner-friendly. Tools and API integration to help you customize according to yourself. SIEM plug-ins GraphQL, Splunk, and more features.

Security-wise cloud flare WAF protects your web application and website from various attacks. A low false-positive rate and a fast and wide network span over 190 countries makes it more appealing.

Cloud flare is backing millions of domains worldwide. That is why they got experience in this department and have dealt with lots of vulnerability.


2. AWS Web Application Firewall

AWS WAF is another WAF to protect your web application and APIs from common web threats. It provides flawless security without compromisation and with less resource usage. With AWS WAF, you can control what kind of traffic is reaching your website.

AWS WAF blocks attacks from patterns like SQL injection, XSS, and many more. It usage a pre-configured set of rules, so you can set quickly start using it. These pre-configured instructions also deal with OWASP top risks. SO security-wise it’s a top-notch WAF.

When it comes to pricing, you pay what you use. It depends on what rules you deploy to protect your web application or APIs. So choose according to you.

3. Site Lock: True Shield WAF

The true shield is an impressive WAF from the site lock. It is very quick at setting up. If you find yourself in trouble, you can set it in 5 min call to site lock. It is a very beginner-friendly WAF service. The site comes so many cybersecurity options and true shield WAF is one of them.

True shield blocks common attacks like DDoS, dos XSS and others. It also helps in protecting SEO from malware infection. A CDN from site lock to increase your website speed 50%. True shield WAF protects your website and web application from all kinds of cyber-attack with an accuracy of 99.9%.

True Shield comes with three plans. A basic plan with limited features and no support for SSL enabled site. A professional subscription with support for the SSL web site. Lastly, premium subscription with support for OWASP top 10-risk protection.

4. Qualys Web Application Firewall

Qualys WAF is one of the best-integrated WAF services. It is a simple yet powerful WAF with many features to speak of. It can also be deployed from the cloud so no need to buy new hardware. Protects all kinds of Cyber-attacks including XSS. Ddos SQLi and many more.

It is a transparent WAF with nothing to hide from you. Qualys WAF gives you total control over monitoring and risk assessment. Overall, it lets you adjust every security feature according to you. This WAF is for platforms like word press, Joomla, and many more.

Qualys Web application firewall comes with a free trial. So you can try it first and then choose to buy it or not.

5. Imperva Web Application Firewall

Imperva WAF is the number one entry on our list. This is because of its flawless performance and good customer support. It is both cloud-based and on-premises WAF. Therefore, you can deploy it the way you want.  It automatically sets itself according to the specific security and service level.

In the security department, it is good as it gets. With protection from OWASP top 10 and automated top 20 risks, it is one of the best WAF in the market.  Imperva WAF works on dynamic application proofing and correlated attack validation. Dynamic application proofing learns about the overall threat and correlated attack validation analysis individual attacks. Combine these and you get the perfect web application firewall.

Buying it is a simple task. However, if you want to check it yourself then there is a demo version. First, you try it and then buy it. It is all up to you.

Wrapping Up!!

Therefore, these were the 5 best WAF service in the market. Protection Web application and website is essential today. Because with the internet comes the cyber-attacks. So chose one WAF that fits you.