How to Set Equalizer – Step by Step Guide

An equalizer, which is also known as EQ in its short form, is a type of audio filter which isolates the various types of frequencies and also recreates it. It can either make the audio system higher or it can lower it. It can also be used to remove certain types of sounds from a recording, which can be either of a higher or a lower pitch of voice.

Use of Equalizer

An equalizer fixes the audio according to the frequency. It decides which type of frequency you want to recover, either you want to increase or through the use of an equalizer. Like ultra-high Hz or lower Hz by depending on the type of sound requirement.

Procedure To Set Equalizer

The following given three methods will make you understand the way of setting an EQ. They are as follows:-

Procedure 1:

1. Getting through with EQ

  • Getting through your frequency range and also controlling sounds for the purpose of your EQ.

As , most of the equalizers includes the range of sound wave frequency that can be detected by the human ear from 20Hz to 20KiloHz. Some of them includes the settings of control point while some are fixed on the permanently based frequency.

  1. High and lower frequency

With the help of EQ, you can also fix the frequency according to your need. When the button is pushed to the upward side it is known as boosting when it is pushed to the downward side, it is known as cutting. You can control it according to your need. Although, it is easy to access for use.

  1. Low and high pass range

Through the use of equalizer, you can also select the range according to your requirement. Like you can set it to low or of high pass. Through this you can set according to the below and above point of frequency. You can select the analog to the purpose of your use.


Adjusting the audio according to the requirement

  1. Getting the adjustments for your equalizer audio types

Choose the required adjustment for your audio according to the need. You can select your stereo according to the preset like classical, jazz, rock, etc. You can also improve the sound f your required audio by using your earphones or by headphones.

  1. Generating settings of your equalizer

You also have to check your settings according to your required conditions. You can select settings according to the required factors. Through the settings use, you can select the requirement of the audio according to your room needs and also to your atmospheric conditions.


  1. Identification of various different ranges

As we know that various instruments includes different required ranges so according to your need, you can easily set the basic adjustments of your audio and can practice with your required frequency range.

  1. Controlling of an instrument’s range.

Once it is selected, it is necessary for its control. By such, it will be easy to bring the proper sound of the instrument that is in use. For that, firstly you have to search according to your need and then you have to select to highlight it.

  1. Adjusting your equalizer

You can select the range according to the required sound. As when the frequencies will be impacted you can easily boost or cut sound according to the required purpose. Also, you can control the system by creating a powerful bass.