How to Switch TTY In Linux – Step by Step Guide

TTY, which stands for teletypewriter, also known as teletype or teleprinter, which is for the use of sending and receiving typed messages, by the use of different communication channels. They use various electronic or physical media for their communication. It was firstly invented in New York in the year 1844. In the present era, Teletypewriters are fully controlled through the use of a computer. People can easily use TTY through their computers and operating systems like Linux.

How to Switch TTY In Linux

The following given procedures will enable you in setting the TTY


  • In the first case, you need to use CTRL+ALT+F1 in your command. After that pressing, the CTRL+ALT+F3 will lead to the screen of login control.
  • Then the terminal will go to the command option and will allow switching to the required terminal. After that, it will be easily visible as the number of consoles needed.
  • It will be useful when the given functional keys were unable to be in use as for it, the purpose of virtuality will be available on its screen.


  • Now press the given ‘F’ key on your keyboard which will lead you to the teletypewriter which is your required location. Then you need to go to the ‘Ctrl’ option.
  • In that case, you need to press the ‘Alt’ and ‘F7’ keys at the same time. Following certain procedures, open the option of applications after clicking on the terminal.
  • Then you can easily go to the ‘Enter’ option and can create your command. After that, it will immediately take you to your graphically based desktop where you can easily select your terminal.


  • Then, you need to press the Ctrl+Alt+F7 and then you have to go to the required option. Then click on the upward screen if it is not yet existed.
  • You have to switch to the foreground based system by using the command. After that activate the unlocated terminal and then select your command. This will the basic resources.


  • The basic virtual pages will appear in the given respective command. The functional keys will, therefore, allocate to the TTY terminal as per the instructions.
  • After the basic selection of graphical applications of any of them select the ‘Control’ option for the full basic knowledge.