Linux commands

10 Linux Commands To Manage Files Easily

Want to use the terminal to manage files on your Linux PC. Here are the Linux commands you can use to manage files on your Machine.

How To Run Windows Software in Ubuntu Linux

Windows have more support for apps and games when compared to Ubuntu Linux or any other Linux distro. So if you are a Ubuntu user then here is how you can use Windows software in Ubuntu Linux.

10 Useful Linux Commands for the System Administrators

Here are 10 basic Linux commands for the system administrators. These commands are important when it comes to everyday usage.

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How to Install and Uninstall XAMPP in Ubuntu

As we all know, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution. It is hard to install the software in Linux as compared to windows or XOS. Installing XAMPP is a bit tricky but not that hard. You will need to through extra commands at the terminal. Simply follow this tutorial and you will be good to go.