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Daily Archives: September 21, 2022

15 Wireless Phone Charger For Android In 2023

With the rise in technology, wireless chargers are in focus now especially Wireless Phone Charger For Android, as it is a very advanced and convenient technology. No more problem of the charging socket being away from your bed or your desk. No more leaving your

How To Sign Out Of Google Play

Wonders, how To Sign Out of Google Play store on your android device. Well, as we know to access and download android apps into phones or tablets running on the Android operating system. We have to log in to Google Play Store to access its

How To Screenshot On iPhone XR

Searching for how to screenshot on iPhone XR? Here we have gathered some of the simple methods to capture a screenshot on the iPhone without having a hassle. How To Screenshot On iPhone XR Users can take screenshots in their iPhone XR by the use

How To Screen Record On iPhone XS Max

Wondering how you can record the screen in your iPhone XS Max? or we can say methods to screen record on iPhone? Here in this article, we have provided the complete information required to record the display screen on iPhone without having a hassle. How