How to Stream YouTube Videos from iOS Device to Smart TV’s

If you own a Smart TVs along with iOS devices such as iPhone then you can easily stream videos from well-known video streaming platform
Smart TV supports lots of features and you can connect your smartphone or tablet with Smart TV using different features such as Screen Mirroring, WiFi-Direct, and HDMI cable. But in apple iOS running devices you can’t use these features.
Although in Apple devices they’re a feature called AirPlay which allows you to stream videos, pictures, and music at Apple TV.
In this tutorial , I tell you how you can stream live YouTube videos on you Smart TV using iOS device. It’s work with any Smart TV and smartphone.

Stream YouTube Videos On Smart TV Using iPhone (iOS)

Step 1 :

Open YouTube App from your Smart TV

Step 2 :

Go the settings and tap on OK

Step 3 :

Now open YouTube App on your iPhone

Step 4 :

Sign in into you YouTube account

Step 5 :

Go the Settings icon > Connected TVs

Step 6 :

Enter the pairing code on your iPhone from Smart TV

Step 7 :

Tap on Add button 

Now when you connect your iPhone to Smart TV choose any video from YouTube and play it.