YouTube Channels To Learn Robotic Programming

If the same as me and have questions like How To Learn Robot Programming or How To Robot Programming Works and much more. All you question can be answered in one place and only by robotics engineers who learn Robotic Engineering and build a robot that running into this world with new computer technology.

If you’ll are interested in robotics and want to learn robotics through videos then you’ve visited the right article. Here we gathered some best google channel youtube that provides a complete guide and about robotic programming and more things about robots.

There are lots of official YouTube Channels that offer online robotics courses for free to help you to learn robotic engineering through videos.

If you thinking it’s impossible to learn robot engineering only by Youtube channels. Then you’ve to read the Story of  Ellis Ware, who picked up a Robot War Star who learned all of his engineering skills on YouTube. He does not go to any college or university to learn how to build a robot. Instead of joining a robot engineering college he able to learn robotics and build a robot named Pulsar.

To Learning Robot Programming you must knowledge of Computer Programming, especially in Python. Else you’ve first to learn to program through YouTube Channels or Cell Phone through Apps.

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Robotic Programming YouTube Channels

Raspberry Pi Robotics

 Raspberry Pi is a small computer (Credit Card Sized). Basically, it’s a single-board computer developed for programmers. However, there are lots of uses of the Raspberry Pi series, but it also uses to build a robot.

Through this youtube channel, you can learn the basics of robotics and can also learn to build and program your own very first robot.

Robotics With Raspberry Pi

This YouTube Channel has gives you a deeper knowledge of robotic programming through python to program a robot. This channel is designed for those who don’t have basic knowledge of robot programming.

The channel video guide in series makes it easy to learn programming step by step and you can actually learn how to programming can connect the electronic component. By the end of the video series, you can able to build your robots like Water System, Password Enabled Door and much more.

Robot Fundamentals (Jaidyn Edwards)

 This is youtube is own by Jaidyn Edward who builds robots and uploads video guides of Robotics, Arduino, Electronics, 3D Printing, and Prop Making. You can learn robot fundamentals of programming in series of two videos and some other stuff about robotics.

easy Robot Programming Tutorial

Basically, this, not a proper youtube channel to learn robot programs. But there are videos about 3 videos that show how to program Vex Robot with EasyC. You can watch these videos to learn some robotics programming with EasyC.

The EasyC Programming which geared to make it easy to for students to program Vex Robots in C Programming. Through this video, you can learn how you can make your own Vex Robot.

Programming with RobotC

The RobotC is a cross robotics programming language based on C Programming with an Easy-To-Use development environment. Through this channel programming tutorials, you can start with programming your Robot with RobotC Programming.

After that, you can start with some other robotics programming languages such as vex robotics programming.

Vex Robotics Programming

The Vex Robotics or Vex Robotics Programming is the same as another robotic language. However, Vex, also used for robotic competition in many robotics colleges. You can learn the basics of Vex Robotics through this YouTube Channel.

However, these YouTube Channel Videos are typically for Vex competition robot for Autonomous Control using RobotC. But you can these vex robotics programming guide video series you can learn how to program your own Vex Robot.

Arduino Robotics

Arduino is one most popular robotics languages because it used to program Arduino and Arduino-based micro-controllers boards such as Hummingbird Duo and many more.  One of my friends asked me what programming language does Arduino uses.  Basically, there are lots of programming languages are used with Arduino which includes- C, ArduBlock, Snap4Arduino and Python.

Using Arduino coding language you can program robots that especially popular in kids such as Cozmo, Sphero and many more.

This YouTube Arduino tutorials guide complete about Arduino Robotics Engineering and its programming.  Such as how to make a robot using Arduino UNO, and much more.

YouTube Channels To Robotics Engineering

If you want to build a robot then you must know you’ve to learn Robot Programming and Robotics Engineering. Because without robot engineering you cannot build your own robot only with programming, you cannot build your own robot only with programming.

Here we have listed some YouTube Channels from which you can also learn Robotics to build a robot body you have in your mind.

Learn Robotics & Electronics Basics

If you want to learn the basics of Robotics along with Electronics Basics then this the best YouTube channel to learn robotics basics such as building a circuit, Breadboard Circuit and much more.

This channel has almost 19 videos that tell all about robotics basics that help you to build your own robot body because, without robot electronics basics, you can’t build a robot only with programming.

EEVblog – Electronics Engineering Video Blog 

The EEV blog allows you to begin with building a robot, you can learn all about robot engineering through videos of this channel. The owner of this YouTube channel is Dave Jones, who has lots of knowledge about electronics.

So if you want to learn the basics of robotics engineering then this one of the best YouTube channels for you.

Other Robotics YouTube Channels

Hanson Robotics – This is a robotics Youtube channel where you get the latest robotics tech information and news through videos and much more.

Rethink Robotics – The channel contains lots of robotics videos with the latest technology updates and creating videos for manufacturing robots.

Mr. Robot – It’s an official YouTube Channel of USA Network Mr. Robot follows by more than millions of peoples. The comes well known for providing the latest tech videos of the robotic’s world.

Custom RoboticsThe channel is owned by it well provides design and markets a line of rugged, teleoperated, robotic platforms with custom robotic solutions.

Robotics –  The Channel is owned by the channel provides videos about how electronic devices works and how to make custom robots and much more.

UBTech Robotics –  This YouTube Channel offers videos about robot project, how do robot works, how to make a robot in-home and lots of other stuff.

Tapendra Mandal This channel is owned by Tapendra Mandal who uploaded videos about how to build robots and other machines.

EcProjects –  Well it an official channel about robotic where you can find some great videos about robotic programming and a lot more.

Kade Wanta Robotics – This helps you to learn how to create Arduino robot in home and some other robots with the help of videos and some other stuff about robotics hardware.