How to Locate Windows 10 Product Key

You can easily find your computer running the operating system Windows 10 product key it helps you to verify that your copy of Windows hasn’t been used on more than one computer which is allowed by Microsoft Software License.

Example of Windows 10 Product Key :

How To Find Windows 10 Product Key on PC or Laptop

Find your Windows product key depends on the following conditions
  • If you buy Windows 10 from an authorized retailer of Microsoft
  • If your digital copy of Windows 10 from a Microsoft official website
  • If you buy a new PC running Windows 10
In all these three above-given conditions you are eligible to get a Windows Product Key or you already have a Windows product key without your knowledge. If you buy Windows 10 from Microsoft Retailer Store then Windows Product comes along with Windows 10 retailer box. If you buy a  digital copy of Windows 10 from a Microsoft website, then you receive a Windows Product Key on the email address you fill in when you buy Windows 10.

If you purchase a new laptop or computer running on Windows 10 operating system in this case Windows Product Key was pre-installed in your computer.