How To Format the Pen Drive Using Command on Windows 11

Flash drive or pen drive of most common data portable device allows you to carry your personal document in your pocket. Currently, in the market, you can purchase 1GB pen drive to 62 GB pen drive for different prices.

When you connect your pen drive to another computer and transfer any file or data sometimes some files and folder comes with malware and you know computer virus is dangerous for your computer’s health.

Now you connect your pen drive to your computer to receive data you copy or cut from other computers. Before doing that you scan your pen drive to delete malware that comes along with data but sometimes anti-virus can’t delete some high-profile malware. So you have to format your pen drive.

There are two ways to format a pen drive or flash drive

Using the Format Option provided by Windows

Using Command Line

You already know how to format a pen drive on your computer by using the format option available in the list of drives. If you don’t know then visit this official page.

Format Pen Drive Using Command

As we mentioned above you also format your pen drive using a simple command line on the command prompt.

Step 1: Insert your pen drive in the computer USB Port

Step 2: Go to the Start Menu, search “cmd” to open a command prompt

Step 3: Now enter the command line

( FORMAT X: /FS:FAT32 /Q /V:PenDrive ) or (Format /q /x G:)

Now only you have to do is a little editing in the above-given command line just replace the red “X” with the actual drive letter of your Pen Drive and with the help of the second command line you can quickly format your pen drive in it replace blue “G” with the actual drive letter of your Pen Drive and then run the command on command prompt.

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Conclusion of the Post:

Sometimes you completely format your pen drive but some malware is left to delete them permanently the malware virus from your pen drive formats your pen drive using a command line.