5 Ways To Save Extra Money on School Supplies

It seems like summer just started, which means your children are ready to go to school in the next standard. So it’s already time for you to buy some of your children’s school supplies for the upcoming next standard.

School Supplies do not seem too much in cost but when you start buying them the money seems too much on just simple school supplies for your children.

However, there are budgeting tips from which you can easily save money on school supplements. If you’ve reviewed the list of supplies without concern and think, some pens and pencils, some new books and a pack of crayons.

But, After few days, you wake up with a long list of school supplies with higher prices and especially if you’ve more than two kids.

Fortunately, if you know how to deal with stack and save money on home supplements and some other home accessions along with other stuff you easily find out the best way to save money on school supplies.

So you don’t have to use Google to search “Back To School Saving Tips”. to find out some smart ways to save money.

Cheapest Ways To Get School Supplies


There are some ways such as coupes, cashback, discounts and some best websites to buy school supplies that offer the best deals for school stuff.

1 # Look For Deals, Coupons, and Discount


Lookup for the shop that randomly lowers their prices in back-to-school time, asks your friends from they buy school supplies for their kids and wait for the right time with a sale or a discount on buying school stuff.

Recently, one of my friends buy some of the books and he gets a 20 % cashback coupon for $120 shopping. He doesn’t need that coupon so I take it and buy some of my kid’s books and some school bags that total $ 150. I use the coupon and I successfully get the 20 % discount.  Trust us, it’s totally worth it.

2 # Use Online Shopping Website To Buy School Supplies


There are lots of online shopping websites that sale’s school supplies. You can easily Google around and search for “Best Place To Buy School Supplies Online”. You got some of the best online websites such as – Walmart,  PassionatePennyPincher, Amazon, Schoolkart etc.

# Walmart – School Supplies

Walmart is well known online and offline shopping platform. If you have a nearby Walmart store then you can shop some of the school supplies at the sale. The great Idea to save extra money you should shop for school supplies in bulk. read out my article on some of the best buys in bulk online websites.

There are lots of rollback deal on school supplies at Walmart on which you can easily save some little amount of money. If you’re kid required Graphing Calculator then you can buy it from Walmart at low prices same goes for other school accessions.

Walmart offers some of the ways from which you can save lots of money while shopping online. You can use, Walmart Credit Card (if you have a Walmart Membership) or else you can Walmart Money Card you can get up to $25 cash reward and up to 10 % save on purchase every day.

# Passionate Penny Pincher – Kids Stuff

Basically, the Passionate Penny Pincher is not an online shopping website particularly its website where you get coupons, deals, discount shopping and a lot more that impacted your budget.

It’s a website if you thinking to buy something through Amazon or some other online shopping site. To save money on shopping go to Passionate Penny Pincher for a search for the best deal. You definitely get some of the deal that saves your money into your pocket.

# Schoolkart

The Schoolkart, totally based on School supplements such as school dress, school shoes, lab coat etc. This website contains almost 500+ school products and 25,000 + products related to kids for school supplies such as lunch boxes.

To save money on school supplies, just visit the website and check for the discount or sale such as 20% flat on school bags and many more discount deals.

3 #   Buy School Stuff In Bulk


Bulk buying is one the best option to save money, In a case of school supplies,, there are some selected web sites which offer school stuff in bulk boxes. Amazon, Dollardays and Oriental Trading are some of the websites where you can easily buy school stuff in bulk at low prices.

You can easily save hundreds of dollars on your school supplies at one-time shopping, especially if you’ve several kids.

4 #  Buy Generic School Supplies


Generic School Supplies can save lots of dollars. Because there are some kids who complain about having plain notebooks and folders, So they can easily decorate their notebooks with their own drawings, stickers and other options.

Doing this you don’t have to buy an expensive notebook. The same goes for the all the papers and cleaning supplies on your school supply list –  Because all school accepts Generic school products.

5 # Check out Warehouse Stores, Office Supply Stores, and Dollar Stores


Warehouse, Dollar and many more stores offer types of school products you’re looking for your kids. Since the stores are not available everywhere and not everyone through to buy school supplies through these types of stores you might be able to find better deals.

To save some extra cash, on cleanings supplies and tissues you can look for nearby or local dollars store. where you can easily get better deals with low prices, however, if you several kids in school then. In this case, you’ve to buy lots of boxes of facial tissues – Costco and Dollars Days are the best place to buy this kind of stuff for cheap prices.

Do some of the math on your own to know where you can buy low-priced school supplies in bulk.

Such as buying Pens, Pencils and Paper and others supplies that are easily able on several online shopping websites. First, make a list of school supplies you can buy in bulk and then search them on online shopping websites and compare the prices.

I guaranteed you can easily,  get the things you want at low prices or fair prices if you keep looking into different websites.

# Additional Tips: For Saving Money on School Supplies

There are some other options from which you can also save some extra money into your pocket.

Such as you can look for Cashback websites. I personally recommend you to check Ebates. One of the best websites I found to get the best deals along with higher rates cashback with cash reward while shopping.

Luckily, you can also look for “Back To School” deals in local stores. Where you can easily buy some of the school supplies at lower prices. You can also use a Gift Card to save money while shopping online school supplies for your kids.

I hope, you like this article. It’s your turn to tell us your personal ideas to save money on School Supplies to help our readers.