5 Cheap Ways To Ship Stuff Across The Country

I’ve recently transplanted from San Francisco, California to  Los Angeles and the most interesting thing about moving from old place to new place is I’ve just spent nearly $150 bucks for shipping boxes across the country. I think it’s was the cheapest way to move stuff across the country.

The thing is the place where I’ve moved recently is Fortunately in Bay Area. So The thing is to save money I sold my old furniture to the pawnshop for almost $250. And packed my belongings with me in almost 5 boxes which I ship all of them through cross-country freight shipping.

In this article, I going to show you some of the cheapest ways to ship larger packages.

Cheap Shipping Boxes – Home Mover

Choosing the correct home mover company is kind of a little hassle for a single person. If you live alone all by yourself then when it comes to moving from one place to another place due to a job for some other purpose. But the thing is moving all your belonging stuff into boxes.

There are some companies which help you to ship boxes at low prices. However, find one of the cheapest shipping companies to save your money because it best to locate the cheapest way to mail packages.

Using some cheapest shipping method you can easily ship your stuff to the new place when you’re migrating at cheap shipping.

Generally, there are 2 ways to migrate your stuff to your new house. But the main question is How Much It Cost To Migrate To New Place?

This question can be answered through several shipping methods that we going to discuss in this article.

Ways To Move Stuff Across The Country

After considering these options you can choose the best option that fits your budget.

 1 # Drive Everything


If you have a car, great – stuff the sucker to the brim but likely you have to forced to leave some of your belonging behind or else you need a trailer to move stuff.

However, if you don’t have a car. In that case, you have to search for “Cheapest cross-country moving trucks.” and then your google search will recommend some top one-way trucks companies such as Budget, Enterprise, Penske etc.

Go to their website, and check out a one-way truck rental comparison if you find it fit for your migration budget it’s OK.

But, if you think it is still expensive. Then move to other options.

2 # Ship Everything


Basically the basic of this article is to find the cheapest shipping method to shipping boxes. When you made your mind to ship your stuff through courier services. You’ll need to find the cheapest courier company.

However, there are some selected companies from which you can easily ship your belonging to your new place.

When you search for the “cheapest ways to ship boxes cross country”. As a result, you found Pods, U-box, U-Pack, UShip and many more companies.

1 # PODs  – ($ 2800 + Fees )


Go to the Pods website and get its customer care helpline number and call to quote with them and ask for the pod’s rates for moving cross country. After that, you can ask for the time required to utilize your stuff with Pods with fixed prices.

Note:  The Pods doesn’t ship any type of Vehicles. Its one of the pocily of shipping pods

There are three stages of completing the shipment or moving pod – delivery to the current address, shipping and delivery to the new address (within a month, guaranteed).

However, I talk to one of my friend I’ve found that Pod shipping is not one of the cheapest options to ship my stuff and hug him for tell me that.  Bummer, I continue anyway

2 # U-Box ($ 700 + Fees )


U-Haul shipping is my second option for shipping boxes. I open the U-Haul website and scroll through the FAQ page to know more about U-Haul shipping policies and I found out. They allow shipping vehicles in a box. Great.

In my case, one of the shipping boxes is only $37.99 – enough for a dorm room’s worth of furniture. The shipping total rounds up to $752 from San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles.

U-Haul guaranteed one-way shipping within 7 days in which fuel cost included with every U-box rental. (Includes 2 dozen furniture pads).


If you still find this cheap and want to go to another option then here we go.

3 # U-Ship (Depending on bid)


Finally, I found the best and worth shipping service us. When you start thinking outside the pod shipping then the best result you got is uShip Service. However, up is a bidding website, Which means you’ve to create a package for bidding of your stuff.

You can ship everything (car, furniture, large boxes, boats) using this website. This is best for me because I have a motorcycle.  I successfully ship my bike for $430.

The best thing is you just need to create the package with all of your belongings and submit it for the bid. When someone starts bidding on your package the lowest bidder will get your shipment. Sound Great.

In my package, I just packed my belongings such as a motorcycle, coffee table, fishing poles, guitar and some other stuff in three boxes. When I submit my package in uShip the website tells me to wait up to 14 days to receive someone bid on your package. So I just put down $10 to create a priority listing.

After few days, later my package starts getting bids the first bidder on my package is Home Movers for $1500 and I pass and at the end of the day bidding. The final bid reached $700 with some of my belongings such as Coffee Table.

I found that this method of shipping is the cheapest way to ship my belonging to my new apartment.

Share your thoughts about moving from one place to another using comment. Thanks for reading.