How To View YouTube Videos Offline On Windows 10

Help! How I Can View YouTube Videos Offline On My Computer Running On Windows 10 

YouTube one of the best online video streaming platform own by search giant Google, although there is some other video streaming platform such as Daily Motion.

On YouTube, you can upload your self-made video to share your views or another important video such as online teachings, online coding lessons, online beauty tips, home remedies and lot more. According to the Huffington Post, report currently has more than 1 billion active users per month and about 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the United States.

All the above is general information about YouTube because lots of people don’t know some amazing facts about YouTube.

What is YouTube Offline :

YouTube allow its viewers to watch video offline on the different devices such as mobile phone, tablet, and desktop because in some developing countries network connection was not too good to stream online videos, So you can watch the video anytime on Offline feature.

How To View YouTube Videos On Offline Mode

If you have Android or iOS or some other OS running device such as a cell phone you can easily watch videos on offline mode via the YouTube app. But if you using desktops such as the laptop or any other OS running machine then if was hard for some users to find the proper way to watch videos on YouTube in offline mode.

In this article, I will tell you the proper way to view videos on offline mode on a computer.

Step 1 : 

Open the video you want to watch on web browser

Step 2 : 

Copy the link of the video from the browser

Step 3 : 

Now visit this and paste the video link and download the video