How to View Visualizations In Windows Media Player

Visualization is basically colours, shapes, and patterns that move to the music in Windows Media Player on your computer operating system. When you install Windows Media Player on your computer it comes with built-in colors, and a number of visualizations.

You can also download more attractive visualizations on your computer from Microsoft’s official page of Visualizations for Windows Media Player. So To view different types of visualization on Windows Media Player read below gives steps.

View Visualization in Windows Media Player

Step 1:  

Run Windows Media Player from the Start Menu

Step 2:

Now in Media Player go to or switch to Now Playing Mode

Step 3: 

Now Click on the Stop Button that points to Visualization

Step 4:
Now select any visualization you want to see with the song.

You cannot transfer Visualization from one Windows to another Windows because Microsoft won’t allow it currently but Microsoft developers working on it. You can stop viewing visualization in Media Player by selecting the ” no visualization option given at the point of visualization in now playing mode.