How to Update Windows 10 Assistant

Wondering, how to update Windows 10 Assistant!

Windows 10 Assistant?

This time in Windows 10, it seems like Microsoft is not going to help you upgrade an older release to the latest build of the update. Only the update assistant is going to help you with the task of updating windows 10, and then you will need to use refresh to install and a small package that will switch the installation with the older one.

Now, if you are already running the just last one, then you can install this update from windows update, and this process would take less than five minutes.

How to Update Windows 10 Assistant

So, to use the update assistant to upgrade your computer, you have to follow a few necessary steps.

Step 1:

First of all, go to the Microsoft download website and click on ‘update now’ which will be visible to you as soon as you open the Microsoft download website if and only.

If an update would be available so this is also a convenient and easy way to check out if your system needs an update as if an update would be possible it would be shown to you at the front page.

Step 2:

As you click on it, a tab will be minimized on the same page, which will be the upgrade assistant. So you gotta click on that after clicking on update now. As soon as you click on it, a dialogue box will appear.

Which will ask you if that specific device is allowed by you to make changes with the software? You gotta click on ‘Yes.’

Step 3:

This way, you start the tool. Now minimize the window and wait for a moment, and the windows 10 update assistant window will open. Click the update now button, which will be seen on the right bottom of the window.

Step 4:

Another thing it will check is the compatibility of your PC parallel to the software you are updating, assuming it will be compatible the next screen will appear saying congratulations for the fact it is consistent. Then you gotta click on ‘next.’

Step 5:

This process can take some time depending on the speed and strength of your internet connection. A new tab will appear where your update will be getting ready, it might take a few moments, but the processing percentage will be in front of you.

Step 6:

Also while this is on, it is advisable to have disconnected any peripherals, including external storage and printers, to avoid installation problems. Also, make sure to create a backup as if in case something goes wrong, you have a rollback.

Step 7:

Once it is done, click on the restart now button, which will again appear in the right bottom of your screen. The computer will then shut off and then work on the update with the processing percentage in front of you.

Step 8:

When the installation completes, the computer will start up, and you gotta click on the exit button again appearing on the right bottom of the tab.

Wrapping Up!

And this way, the process of updating of windows 10 using the update assistant is complete. You may now go to the device setup and check on the version of your windows 10.

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