How To Update USB Root Hub in Windows 10


Previously we talk about updating the Display driver and Keyboard driver in Windows 10. In this article, you know a lot more about USB Root Hub on Windows.

Our computer basically runs on drivers through different software that compatible with the system operating system. You’ve probably known that to run an out-put device in a computer you’ve to connect it with the computer that is done by drivers.

What is USB Root Hub And How it’s Work? 

Mainly USB Root Hub is not a physical device that plug-in on your computer. It’s a software driver that let’s connect multiple USB devices to your computer. Most computers have more than one USB root hub connectivity from which you can share data through different devices.

Generally, one hub works for a specific USB version to retain compatibility. we take an example ( USB 2.0 Port usually works with duel controllers connectivity ). Both controllers perform different tasks in a team of wireless connectivity.

How to Update USB Root Hub

Sometimes when you’ve tried to connect a USB device with your computer it shows an error in connectivity due to a lot of reasons. You’ve to update your computer USB root hub to fix this error and you can easily update the driver through Device Manager.

Step 1 : 

Open Device Manager via Control Panel or (Start Menu)

Step 2 : 

In DM, scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and click on USB Root Hub.

Step 3 : 

In USB Root Hub dialogue box. Click on Driver panel and then Update Driver

Step 4 : 

Now select the first option and if updateable for your computer hub it automatically starts the installation process.

To fix more issues related to the USB Root hubs such as power management error or you’ve to find out the details of your USB Hub you can easily find out and fix the issues through the same dialogue box that we open on Step 3.