Things You Should Know About Android 10 Q Before Upgrading

Android 10 is the new installment in the Android lineup. All the smartphone maker companies have started rolling out Android 10 update. This update most likely is available for recently released smartphones. Moreover, Android 10 will be the default OS in upcoming smartphones. Besides, Android 10 comes with some impressive new features. Google loves to roll out new Android updates. Now it is time to leave android 9 pie and upgrade to Android 10 Q. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about Android 10 Q before upgrading.

There are already some smartphones in the market with Android 10 Q. Smartphones like Real Me 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy M31, and other smartphones released around December 2019 and onwards. There is a complete list of smartphones that will surely get Android 10 Q update. Therefore, your smartphone might get the new Android 10 Q update. If you are wondering that if you should upgrade or not then this article is for you. In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about Android 10 Q before upgrading. So let us get started.

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Things you should know about Android 10 Q before upgrading

Android 10 is the latest version of Android 10. Android 11 is in the development phase but it isn’t considered to be using OS yet. Therefore, Android 10 Q is the latest version for now. With new updates cones new feature. Moreover, the new feature is what Android 10 promises the most. The most anticipated dark mode is now available in Android 10 Q.

New Android 10 Q features

There are tons of new features available in android 10. Here are the most highlighted features of android 10 you need to know about before upgrading.

System-Wide Dark Mode

The dark mode is the feature we all have been waiting for. With the new android 10 comes the dark mode. Some custom Android OS already has this feature but it was not in the android update rolled out by Google. However, this time around this feature comes pre-bundled with Android 10. Dark mode will be applied system-wide along with the applications which support dark mode. Therefore, it will be easier to save battery and protect your eyes in the dark.

Better support for foldable and 5G smartphones

Previous versions of Android are good for the traditional smartphone but not for foldable. There are so many compatibility issues with a foldable phone. However, Android 10 is a game-changer in the department and comes with better support for foldable smartphones. Moreover, Android 10 is better optimized for 5G speeds.

Improved privacy control

Ever had a feeling that your data is not so secure on your phone. Previous versions of android have good privacy features but Android 10 Q  takes it to the next level. All the privacy controls are now in one place for better navigation. You can monitor app activity and web. So choose what permissions to give and what are they currently using. Background apps will no longer use the phone hardware such as microphones and cameras. Better control over the apps using location service.

Faster security updates

Android always fast enough to releases security updates. However, with Android 10 Q you will get security updates faster and easier. New Google plays security update will directly send security updates through Google play. Security updates are not bound to flagship phones now. Anyone can get it as soon as it is available.

Digital wellbeing

This feature is for those people who spend most of their time with the phone in their palm. Digital wellbeing will keep track of the time you spend with your phone. It will alert you if you are using your phone for a long time.

Improved support for camera

New Android 10 comes with better support for the camera. A new format “.heic” for saving pictures, dynamic depth, and monochrome camera.

And other major improvements

Adaptive battery improvements to predict which apps you use the most. Machine learning provides resources to the apps which need it the most. Live caption that automatically caption videos. Improved audio for better noise cancellation and clear audio. A better and improved work profile and other minor improvements.


Android 10 Q is a promising addition to the Android lineup. It comes with features we have been waiting for. This article might have cleared your mind about upgrading to Android 10. In my opinion you should defiantly upgrade to Android 10 Q. So go ahead and give it a try.