How To Test Keyboard keys on Laptop

Recently a lot of laptop users have faced a keyboard key locking problem according to them their laptop keyboard keys are locked or not functioning properly. Laptop manufacturers first recommend users read the laptop manual service pdf files to solve this issue.

To read your laptop service manual you have to visit  FreeLaptopManuals. Now when you complete reading of your laptop manual you understand that you have to test your keyboard keys using Step Menu.

How To Test Keyboard Keys on a Laptop

Follow the below given Step-by-Step guide to test if your keyboard is working or not on your computer.

Step 1:   

Shutdown” your laptop

Step 2:  

Now “Locate F10 Key” in the keyboard (at the top of the keyboard)

Step 3: 

When you turn on your laptop back on immediately start “Press the F10 key repeatedly”.

Step 4: 

Setup Utility Screen” opened, now use your arrow keys to navigate.

Step 5: 

Try the arrow keys  up and down on different menus

Note : You can only use Up and Down keys to move in setup utility screen

Step 6: 

Once you tested the keys, Press the F9 key to set defaults and F10 to save and exit.


Sometimes your computer keyboard keys stop functioning and you think it is due to some internal hardware problem to check if it’s true you can test your keyboard keys on the setup utility screen.