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How to Install Chrome In Linux – Step By Step

Chrome is a popular browser. It is the first choice of every Pc user. Moreover, you can also install Chrome in your Linux distribution. This is because; Chrome is a fast secure and reliable browser. When it comes to speed, chrome outperforms every other browser

How To Install Linux In Chromebook

Chrome books are made for those who want a laptop with speed, reliability, and trust under a good price point. It is possible because of low-end hardware. Linux makes a great pair for this low-end hardware. Therefore, you can install Linux in your Chromebook.

Ultimate Guide To Setup Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a Minimalistic Linux distribution. Therefore to experience Core Linux, Arch Linux is the best Linux distribution. Judd Vinet Launched this project in march 2002. After that, Initial releases of Arch Linux were based on x86 architecture but later ported for x86_64 architecture.

5 Best Linux Distributions for Low-End Hardware

Linux is the best open-source operating system you can find in the market. It is a very flexible and customizable OS. As a result of this, you can find Linux everywhere. From desktops to IoT, in servers, cloud services and many more. Even you might