How To Recover Sticky Notes In Windows 10 After Upgrade

After upgrading to Windows 10 lots of windows users claim they can’t find their sticky notes. According to my research Sticky notes are displaced after the up-gradation of Windows 10. There is few application that is installed after the upgrading process of Windows 10 that may affect lots of programs and files in the system.

You’ve to install all important apps and antivirus of Windows 10 to be secured and protected from malware attacks and much more things that harmful to your computer.  As we all know sticky notes are very important remembering notes that help us to complete our work at a time.

To recover sticky notes in Windows 10 follow the below given guides.

Recovering Sticky Notes In Windows 10 (With Screenshot Guides)

Sticky Notes was first introduced in Windows Vista which is the same as custom sticky notes that we used in our homes and offices. This program helps lots of Windows users to quickly write down ideas and important things to remember such as Passwords, Unique ID etc. So they are very important for lots of users because these notes contain our lot of personal information that may

So they are very important for lots of users because these notes contain lots of personal information that may lot or delete after updating to Windows 10.

There are some of the methods form which you can easily recover lots Sticky Note for Windows 10 without having a hassle.

Recovering Lost Sticky Notes In Windows 10 Via Command Line

In any case, if you’ve accidentally deleted some of your sticky notes from Windows 10 or previous editions of Windows. With the help of some command lines, you can recover them. Follow the below steps to know the complete process.

Step 1 :

Open up Run Command Box  (Windows + R) or from Start Menu.

Step 2:

Now enter this command line “%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\” in the Run box. After entering the command line hit Enter button.


In case if above command line doesn’t work for you then you can also try ” C:\Windows.old\Users\USERNAME\Local\Microsoft\Sticky Notes” to locate Sticky Notes.

Step 3:

Under the Sticky notes folder, you will see StickyNotes(.SNT) file. Open it, however, when you open this file you will get no results because Windows doesn’t support SNT extension for Sticky Notes and any other programs.

So you’ve to open the Sticky Notes file with any best Text Editor program. We recommend· Microsoft Office Word that supports lots of text features.

Note: Notepad will not properly opening the Sitcky Notes opening the notes with Word Office is best solution to recover contents.

Once the file will open in Microsoft Word in Windows 10 the important contents of notes will appear at the end of the document.


In this recovering process, all have to do is to recover you’re deleted or lost sticky notes through several methods such as command line. When you’ve successfully located the Sticky Notes files you can open it with different text editors software like MS word office.